How to Pick the Perfect Bamboo Bed Sheets and Bamboo Duvet Cover

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After reading Nine Allergies You Avoid When You Have Organic Bamboo Bedding, you know how organic bamboo bedding can help reduce your allergies. With organic bamboo bedding, you don’t have to worry about dust mites or bacteria, which means you can lead a happier and healthier life. Yet, how do you find the organic bedding that’s perfect for you? Well, we’re here to tell you exactly how to pick the perfect bamboo bed sheets and bamboo duvet cover.

First, look for a bamboo duvet cover and bamboo bed sheets that have never been dyed. Bamboo is difficult to dye because it isn’t naturally absorbent. If bamboo bedding has been dyed, harsh chemicals have been used, which negates the organic and hypoallergenic qualities of bamboo. Harsh chemicals and dyes also make bamboo bedding less cozy and soft.

Bamboo Duvet Cover

Bamboo Duvet Cover

Since you’re avoiding dyed bamboo fabrics, your organic bamboo bedding will be a natural white color. You may be thinking to yourself, “I can’t buy white bedding! It’ll gray or yellow over time! It’ll look horrible!” Never fear! Since bamboo isn’t absorbent, your organic bamboo duvet cover and bamboo bed sheets won’t absorb the oils from your skin, ensuring that your organic bamboo bedding stays white for years to come.

Next, look for a company that guarantees that their organic bamboo bedding is 100% bamboo. Many companies claim that their organic bedding is made from 100% bamboo, but they can’t guarantee it because they deal with trade organizations. Trade organizations work with many different factories and therefore can’t guarantee the quality and consistency of their products. When shopping for your bamboo bedding, ask the company if they deal with trade companies or if they deal directly with the factory.

Also, you need to make sure that your organic bamboo bed sheets and bamboo duvet cover are made from premium bamboo. By only using the highest quality of bamboo, your organic bamboo bed sheets won’t pill and will last longer. In addition, premium bamboo is softer and more comfortable than lower grades of bamboo. If you’re going to invest in a beautiful set of organic bamboo sheets, you want to make sure they’re of the highest quality.

By making sure that your organic bamboo bedding has never been dyed with harsh chemicals and is made of 100% premium bamboo, you will pick the perfect bamboo bed sheets. Where can you find a bamboo bedding company that meets these qualifications? The answer: Cozy Earth.

Cozy Earth’s founder, Tyler Howells, has personally visited every factory used in Cozy Earth’s bamboo bedding process, ensuring that your organic bamboo bedding is only made from 100% premium bamboo. In addition, Cozy Earth never uses harsh chemicals or dyes in their manufacturing process. By buying your twin size bamboo sheets, bamboo duvet cover, bamboo pillow cases, or whatever else you need from Cozy Earth, you are sure to love your organic bamboo bedding for years. Visit Cozy Earth today if you’re ready to find the perfect bamboo bed sheets and bamboo duvet cover today!

How Bedding Can Positively Effect Joint Problems

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Are you suffering from joint pain? Do you wake up every morning, tired and achy, wishing you could go back to bed, but knowing you’ll never get comfortable?

Odd as it may sound, your bedding might be part of the problem. Traditional bedding made out of cotton, synthetic material, or feather down just lies on top of you, creating pressure points wherever your body meets the bedding. These pressure points weigh down on you throughout the night, aggravating your already tender joints. By the time you wake up in the morning, your body is sore and tired, wishing that it could just get one good night of sleep.

On the other hand, organic bamboo or silk bedding flows with your body, bending with each curve. This allows organic bedding to equally distribute itself across your body, eliminating any possible pressure points. Without the pressure points, your body is able to finally relax and you are able to sleep soundly with your new king size bamboo comforter.

In addition, an organic bamboo bedding set is lighter than traditional bedding, reducing the overall weight placed on you throughout the night. Less weight equals less pain and less pains means a better night’s sleep!

So, where do begin the search for cozy bedding on sale and find that king size bamboo comforter you’re looking for? At Cozy Earth, of course!

Cozy Earth has the perfect bamboo bedding set to soothe your joint pain. We have the softest and highest quality bamboo bedding sets that will lightly drape over your body and let you finally sleep peacefully. We have two types of comforters you can choose from that will help relieve your joint pain. Our 1st comforter combines the benefits of both bamboo and silk by encasing 100% long-stand mulberry silk in a shell of 100% premium bamboo. Our 2nd comforter, which is slightly lighter, is 100% premium bamboo inside and out. Both are lighter than traditionally bedding and will help to alleviate your joint pain.

We also have organic bedding in a wide variety of sizes. Are you looking for an organic bamboo blanket, one that’s the perfect size for reading a book on the couch? What about a king size bamboo comforter? No matter what size bedding you need, our competitive prices mean you can find cozy bedding on sale every day!

Bamboo Blanket Giveaway!

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We’ve got some great news! In celebration of the newest addition to our Premium Bamboo Bedding line, Cozy Earth is hosting a special giveaway of our Premium Bamboo Blanket for two weeks only starting today. All you have to do is click here, or visit the “Giveaway” tab on our Facebook page, enter your email (so we can contact you when you win), and BOOM, you’re entered to win! You can also increase your chances to win by visiting our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

Just in case you haven’t seen or felt it before, The Bamboo Blanket is our latest and greatest layer at Cozy Earth that doubles as an extra layer on bed or a cuddle blanket on the couch. Each blanket features a new version of bamboo fabric that is so soft you won’t believe your senses. Just like the rest of our Premium Bamboo Bedding, our Bamboo Blanket breathes twice as well as cotton, retaining cozy warm without the hot humidity. As always, its designed to last, wash easily and it developed responsibly, utilizing no middle-men, no false claims, just the finest linens made from the highest quality bamboo period.

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So, do not miss your chance to own your very own Bamboo Blanket! Just think, in a little over two weeks time you too could be Cozy-ing up with the softest blanket in the business. Once you try it and experience the Cozy Earth difference you may be inclined to explore the rest of the Cozy Earth line, like our Bamboo Sheets, Bamboo Comforter, or luxurious Silk Comforter. Of course, that’s just fine, but there’s a reason our Bamboo Blanket has been called the “gateway drug” to the rest of our offering. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Best of luck and remember to enter now because this offer ends in two weeks on April 4th. Have an awesome day!

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What Makes Your Organic Bedding a Better Choice?

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The conventional materials that make up mattresses, comforters, sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillow covers can negatively affect one’s health. One-third of a person’s lifetime is spent in bed. That’s a lot of time spent absorbing a wide range of carcinogenic chemicals.

Furthermore, standard materials and methods used to create bedding negatively impact the environment. The insecticides used to create conventional materials pose a worldwide health hazard as a danger to workers and the water supply.

Newborns may be allergic to standard cotton or nylon bedding and adults may develop allergies over time, too. Purchasing organic bedding like bamboo comforters and sheets may not be a choice but a necessity.

Worst Materials in Conventional Mattresses
The toxins the finished products in conventional mattresses give off are concerning:
•    Boric acid
•    Formaldehyde
•    Polyurethane foam
•    Flame retardants

Toxins Used to Make Conventional Cotton Fabric
Standard cotton fabrics may contain toxins like:
•    Bleach
•    Ammonia
•    Softeners
•    Heavy metals
•    Formaldehyde
•    Silicone waxes
•    Synthetic dyes
•    Flame retardants
•    Harsh petroleum scours

Organic Materials
Organic products are grown or raised without synthetic chemicals that don’t contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Organic products are cotton, hemp, wool, or bamboo. According to, “Many farmers who provide the plants and fibers to make organic bedding materials use sustainable farming practices and may adhere to fair-trade standards.”

The Exciting Possibilities of Bamboo Bedding,Organic Bamboo Comforters,Bamboo Sheet Set

One of the most appealing organic alternatives to standard bedding materials may be bamboo. Bamboo is highly sustainable since it’s invasive and can grow a few feet daily. Of course, the initial investment for bamboo bedding,organic and bamboo products may be more than conventional.

The Ettitude Journal explains that: “The term ‘bamboo’ includes over 1000 species of woody, perennial grasses which grow in locations all over the planet and are native to every continent except Europe and the poles… The bamboo species used for these is a different one to that eaten by the endangered giant panda.”

Bamboo products are hypo-allergenic and naturally antibacterial. Bamboo fibres retain less moisture than standard cotton fibres which aren’t temperature regulating and can stage the perfect atmosphere for bacteria. Since bamboo inhibits bacteria growth, it was observed by German scientists in a 2011 study to have anti-microbial properties, the reasons to purchase and use them on daily basis.

Bamboo Bedding, comforters and sheets stay cleaner and smell fresh longer. They require less washing which is good for the environment and saves the consumer time and money in the long-run. Don’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep or healthy, sustainable manufacturing processes.  Bamboo and organic products may improve one’s view on life.

The Innumerable Benefits of Silk that Make it Hypoallergenic in Nature

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If you have heard about organic bedding, you must know that made either out of bamboo or silk, organic bedding is hypoallergenic in nature. If you suffer from allergies, this type of bedding is the best for you in case you suffer from allergies or in case you have asthma.

Those suffering from skin rashes, runny nose or any other form of allergies can find respite in organic silk and bamboo bedding. However, it is important to understand here what triggers allergies. The most common cause or trigger of allergies is dust mites. They (mites) can trigger allergies when left unchecked. Is there a solution? The key to controlling allergies lies in silk bedding. How does this happen? Science has it that the cocoon in which silk fiber is spun also produces a sticky protein known as sericin that naturally repels pests and mites.

Another trigger that increases allergies is chemicals. Excessive chemicals and pesticides on clothes, food, bedding etc. leads to skin allergies as well as breathing problems. Silk is a definite solution to this problem because it is completely organic in nature and does not need chemicals to boast about a soft texture. The fabric is naturally soft and non-abrasive against the skin. That is just the reason why silk bedding is growing popular day by day. Since silk is absolutely chemical free

Thirdly, silk does not allow mold & mildew to settle. The reason is that the proteins in silk make it averse to fungus, mold and mildew. Mold, mildew etc. can also cause allergies. Therefore, it is important to check the growth of mold and mildew as well.

Considering the fact that silk keeps a check on a number of things that are the triggers of allergies and asthmatic attacks, one can easily say that silk is a future fabric. Clothes and bedding made out of silk not only feel soft on your skin but exhibit all the hypoallergenic properties that have been mentioned above. Other than that, silk offers a number of other benefits that make it the perfect bedding material. For example, those who sleep on silk bedding will tell you that this type of bedding offers a number of cosmetic benefits. The soft luxurious feel of silk bedding also makes it one of the best materials to sleep on since it is comfortable and cozy.

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

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Comfortable and restful sleep is not possible without a comfortable and cozy bed. However, most of the times people fail to make themselves a nice bed that is required for them to get a restful sleep. The point here is that the ‘definition’ of comfortable is not the same for everyone.

A person with cervical might need bedding that is quite different from the kind of bedding that a person without cervical pain. The same way, a person of a heavy build finds comfort on a plush and fluffy bed while a bony person can sleep on a flat-bed too. Organic bedding like bamboo and silk bedding is one example and the new idea of comfort.

Whatever your case might be, if you wish to make your bed more comfortable, here are some curated tips that will definitely help you.

TIP 1: The mattress provides the support, but the cushion provides majority of the comfort. Stack a featherbed, memory foam mattress topper, or a couple of eggshell mattress toppers onto your bed for the ultimate hotel bed comfort. –

TIP 2: Remember to get a comforter set that fits your comfort needs as well. If you live in Hawaii, you don’t want to purchase an extremely heavy comforter, so make sure it’s weather appropriate. –

TIP 3: Buy silky, natural tree-fibre sheets in a soothing colour. An exquisitely soft cashmere throw for the bed. A hypoallergenic down comforter. A sunshine silk duvet cover. Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. A roll for behind your neck, a wedge for behind your back, a full-body pillow for when your bed partner is away. Hypoallergenic, of course. And don’t forget the teddy bear. You can’t sleep without one. –

TIP 4: Massage interrupts the neurohormones connected with sleeplessness and almost manually imposes sleep on you,” says therapist Belleruth Naparstek, M.S. “If you can’t afford a massage, go to a massage school” for a good massage at a bargain price. –

TIP 5: The temperature of your surroundings is critical to your comfort level. There is really no perfect temperature to sleep in, but research has shown that cooler is definitely more restful than warmer. What to do when two people don’t agree on the room temperature? The best solution here is to settle on the cooler temperature, and have one person use a warmer cover. You can also use a dual-control electric blanket or mattress pad to help even the score on this issue. –

Other than the above mentioned, one must also consider infusing organic and green ways in his/her lifestyle. Start with bamboo bedding – it will definitely world for you!

The Steps Used for Converting Bamboo into Bamboo Cloth & Bedding

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Bamboo bedding is a craze nowadays. Everyone who opts for environmentally friendly ways picks organic bedding made either out of bamboo or out of silk. However, have you wondered what it takes to convert bamboo into such durable, yet extremely soft comforters and sheets?

There is an elaborate process using which organic bedding manufactures convert the bamboo grass into fine bedding. The process is so refined that there is no chemical required to complete the process.

Cozy-earth Infographic (1)

The result is 100% organic materials being produced. Bamboo bedding with its amazing properties promises to be one of the best organic materials of the future. The infographic here tries to explain the process of bamboo being converted into fabric, yarn and then cloth.

The steps are simple enough to understand the entire process in a matter of minutes. Simply explained as a diagram, the infographic also talks about the certification that bamboo goes through when being converted into cloth.

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Converting Bamboo into Bamboo Cloth Bedding

This Infographic is created by Cozy Earth talks about manufacturing of products like Bamboo sheet, Bamboo comforter and silk sheet.

Reasons Why Bamboo Can Save the World

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Bamboo is nature’s wonder. It replenishes on its own and so is one of the few renewable resources. It has uncountable uses – more than you could image; and, more uses of bamboo are being discovered every passing day. Even after years of knowing about it, we still find out that we know too little of its magnificence. For example, there is too little that we know about how the processing of bamboo is done so as to convert it into fiber. One fact is that there are two ways in which bamboo can be processed – mechanically and chemically. Now, since we are talking about organic bamboo, the latter has to be ruled out.

Some Facts about Bamboo
1. “In comparison to cotton, bamboo is known to improve watersheds, purify air quality, and remove toxins from contaminated soil, all with less water consumption and no harmful environmental impact.”-

2. “It can absorb up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare and it produces 30 percent more oxygen than any hardwood forest of similar size.”-

3. “Botanically categorized as a grass and not a tree, bamboo just might be the world’s most sustainable resource. It is the fastest growing grass and can shoot up a yard or more a day. Bamboo reaches maturity quickly and is ready for harvesting in about 4 years.” –

4.“Every part of the bamboo plant is put to use by Asian cultures and various ethnic groups. Bamboo is used for various other purposes ranging from construction, support for buildings, simple housing, bamboo furniture, musical instruments such as flutes, dizi, xiao, shakuhachi, and in paper production. Thus, bamboo is one of the most utilized and versatile plants on the planet.” –

5.“Fresh bamboo shoots can last for up to two weeks when they are properly refrigerated and away from sunlight or else the shoots will develop a bitter taste. On the other hand, canned versions can be stored for a long time. It is recommended to cook them as quickly as possible when eating them fresh.” –

There are innumerable things about bamboo to read and know about. With its use in a number of fields like bedding, nutrition, clothing and more, bamboo is one ingredient that has become a household name. For those who support the environment, it is important to show support towards things made out of organic bamboo. Bamboo bedding for example, is something that everyone must try and purchase. It has a number of health benefits. So, are you making a move towards a healthier life? Read more about 10 awesome reasons to get bamboo bedding today.

How Silk Bedding Can Be Your Best Cosmetic Help?

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In your late 20s and worried about the havoc that age is playing with your skin? Do nightmares about wrinkles and dark circles haunt you? This is not an anti-age solution ad. And we are not here to promote any laser surgery either. So, what are we trying to say?

Silk Bedding

Silk Bedding

Well, there is a definite solution to your worries and woes. The solution has nothing to do with creams and cosmetics. It is simple, safe and natural. Okay, no more suspense. Your beauty secret lies in your bedding. The kind of bed sheet and comforters that you are using during sleeping hours determines how beautiful and healthy your skin will remain. Sleeping on cotton is as good as sleeping on any other synthetic sheet.

Going organic is a wise way to steer towards if you really want an end to your beauty woes. You can’t stop the effect of age from showing on your face. But if you take proper care, you will definitely look a lot younger than you actually are.



Organic bedding has been scientifically proven to be the key solution for reducing wrinkles and making your locks longer and stronger. Yes, you read that right. Silk bedding in particular is considered the right bedding choice if you are seeking something more than comfort out of your bedding. Health and beauty are two promises that silk comforters come with.

Because silk sheets are extremely soft, they don’t tug with hair at all. Therefore, they don’t cause any damage to your hair. They also don’t let your hair strands get entangled with each other. Apart from this, the cloth or the fabric also is very gentle on the skin. You don’t get rashes and are also protected from bed bugs.

Moreover, silk bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and hence prevents you from allergies. Anyone who sleeps on organic silk bedding is taking precautions against asthma. The most pleasantly surprising fact about silk sheets is that they can reduce and stop wrinkles from aging your skin. And that is one reason why a lot many people purchase silk bedding.

Are you too thinking about buying one? Well, that is a great decision. You can check the different types of silk and other organic bedding options online and pick the one that suits your budget. Maybe if not silk you can opt for bamboo king size comforters that are equally beneficial/

Organic Love And Care For Your Baby: 5 Must Haves

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The soft feel and the durability of organic comforters are just unmatched. For the sensitive and delicate skin of your baby, organic bedding is the best choice. Your little one will simply love sleeping on the soft and comfy bamboo bedding or comforters.

For a newborn, you need bedding that will not just provide comfort but will also protect the little one from a number of problems including asthma. In order to provide your kid with maximum comfort, you need to bring in the best quality of comforters that are made of 100% organic bamboo and silk. Here are 5 must-have items in your list of baby buys.


A crib mattress is an essential item for your baby. Made either out of natural rubber and layered with organic comforters made out of bamboo, it provides for maximum comfort and maximum health for your baby.



The delicate neck and head of your baby needs a soft support. With a pillow filled with silk or bamboo down, the baby gets just the right amount of support while sleeping or simply playing in the crib or on the bed.



Why buy regular bibs for your little one? Why not instead go for something that is better? Organic fiber is the right choice for your baby’s gentle skin. Therefore, in order to keep the little one free of any kind of skin rashes or allergies, it is important to buy only organic.



Little kids often put their toys in their mouth while playing with the same. Toys made of plastic are harmful for the little ones because they are laden with chemicals and other toxic synthetic materials. It is important for you to check on what you are purchasing for the little when.


The choices in foods for your baby need to be pure and free of synthetic materials. This way, your baby gets maximum nutrition and health in an organic manner.

Saving Your Saviour: How to Protect Organic Pillows and Bedding From Damage

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Organic bedding has been touching the lives of a number of people with its various health benefits. With its various advantages like protection from extreme cold weather, prevention of allergies, freedom from rashes and more, organic bedding qualifies as the best bedding for sleep.

If you are looking for something more than comfortable sleep opting for bamboo or silk bedding that is totally organic in nature makes quite a lot of sense. Undoubtedly there are a number of advantages of this kind of bedding. That is why even if the price of this bedding is high, it is for a reason. Since organic bedding is not anything like regular, it justifies being a bit more expensive with all the luxury and advantages that it provides.

cozy-earthOne of the best things about bamboo comforters and other elements of organic or natural bedding is that it is extremely durable. The bedding also doesn’t eat into your pockets when it comes to their maintenance. One of the reasons why organic bedding is so tough and durable in its make is that it is naturally averse to bed bugs.

However, these comforters, bed sheets and pillows need their share of caring. Firstly, if you wish to save them from attacks of mites and dust, you need to cover them up nicely in an extra covering that is made out of organic material only.


Organic barrier covers and more are available for protection of pillows and comforters that are made out of organic material. Another thing to note is that even in case you are using regular bedding, you can cover it up with silk or bamboo bedding covers. This way, you will be able to protect is from the attacks of dust mites.

Other things that one needs to take care of include washing the organic mattress in a soap that does not contain harsh chemicals. Bamboo bedding should not be dried in an automatic dryer. It is always better to line-dry bamboo comforters. Since the bedding is averse to dirt, it does not easily get messy or dirty unless something spills.

So, all in all, it is simple to maintain them – at least simpler than regular cotton bedding that requires frequent washing. The last thing that is important to understand is that the user manual that you get along with the bamboo and silk comforters is something that you must refer at every step. Here is more on how to take care of your organic bedding.

Silk Comes Out as a Winner in Cosmetic and Health: Experts Speak

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Stars of the celeb world have always vowed for silk. Take the famous Marilyn Monroe, for example – the beautiful and charming actress loved to sleep on silk. What is it about silk that fascinates so many people? Of course the health and cosmetic benefits of this fabric are more than you could expect and that is why it is so popular. Here is what experts have to say:

“New research suggests the sensuous fabric isn’t just practical shorthand for allure and intimacy, it also appears to be associated with healing qualities that range from easing the symptoms of the menopause, to anti-ageing, and, most recently, relieving recurrent thrush.”-

“According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health, 30 to 40 percent of Americans have problems sleeping. And experts say that bedding may be at least partly to blame in some of these cases. Sheets that irritate your skin, bunch up, or invite dust mites in will interfere with a good night’s rest.”-

According to Jeffrey Spiegel, MD, a facial plastic surgeon and professor at Boston University: “There are also pretty good studies showing that what we call ‘sleep wrinkles’ form on the side of your face on which you sleep.” And, the only way to stop the wrinkles from spoiling your beautiful skin is to sleep on silk.

Suzan Clements talks about her experience with silk and silk bedding and talks with THE TELEGRAPH about the benefits of this material. She says, “For me, it has brought rosacea [facial flushing and redness, sometimes with pimples]. I find a silk pillowcase feels cool in summer and warm in winter, which seemed to relieve my internal temperature fluctuations. I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin, too.”

With so much information on silk and its benefits –  both health-wise and from the cosmetic point of view, you must be thinking about giving organic comforters, Cozy Earth, a try. If you have made up your mind for making a purchase, you can think about the size of the comfort as well as other considerations that need to be made.

Organic Living and Its Many Benefits: A Curated Explanation

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The world is getting more conscious day by day. Though research and development had been polluting and exploiting the environment and ripping it off its natural resources, communities that understand the importance of ‘going back to basics’ has pushed organic living and promoted natural in a way that people from around the world are working towards bettering their own lives as well as conserving the environs. Take for example the advocates of organic living.

It has been proven that organic bedding that is made of bamboo and silk has a number of health advantages. As far as organic food is concerned, “Regardless of whether you choose locally grown, organic, or conventional foods, the important thing is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The health benefits of such a diet far outweigh any potential risks from pesticide exposure, say experts on WebMD.

According to the Better Sleep Council (BSC) and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), “Stress is a leading culprit that is robbing Americans of sleep.” It has been found that stress can create a lack of sleep, and further can cause compounded stress. Additional research carried out for the Oklahoma State University (OSU) confirms that poor sleep can considerably raise stress. The findings from the OSU research study that are found in the March 2009 Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, point out that good quality sleep lowers stress and aids in managing everyday stressors.

While there are a number of myths involved with organic food and living, The Independent writes, “Scientific literature reviews have found that, overall, organic farms have 30 per cent more wild species, and 50 per cent higher numbers of those species. Based on scientific research, the Government says that organic farming has clear environmental benefits – better for wildlife, lower pollution from sprays, produces fewer dangerous wastes and less carbon dioxide.”

If that goes for organic food and farming, it is natural that organic bedding too has a number of advantages that are directly related to health and well being. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that sleeping on bamboo bedding is good for those who suffer from allergies as well as ailments of skin and/or breathing. Apart from that, organic bedding is also the perfect choice for women going through menopause as it can lower the body temperature and lessen the impact of hot flashes.

These are some of the advantages of going organic. The list is not complete and there are a number of other things that you need to know about organic, which you can read on the web and in books as well.

Giveaways Are Fun!!

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They are all the more fun when they are genuine.

And, as you all know, CozyEarth keeps coming with giveaways every now and then; we are back with one more once again. This time, the brand ahead on organic forefront is giving away a Queen Size Bamboo Comforter (worth quite a lot of cash and a whole lot of admiration) for absolutely free.


One of the top names amongst bamboo and silk organic comforter retailers, Cozy Earth rates five on five stars on the scale of quality. So, if you are an environmentally aware and cautious citizen of the world, Cozy Earth will definitely score well with you.

Cozy Earth Giveaway

Cozy Earth Queen Size Bamboo Comforter Giveaway


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So, what are you waiting for? Like our Page and book your chance of winning a queen size bamboo comforter now.


5 Ways in Which Silk Can be Used as A Part of Bedding and Furniture

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Silk is a magic material. Did you know that sleeping on an organic comforter that is made of silk can make you look young? Did you have an idea that silk bedding is averse to bed bugs? There are a number of ways in which silk aids your health as well as looks. The natural properties found in silk make it one of the most desirable materials in the bedding and furniture market. The following are some points that you should know about silk:

1.   It is hypoallergenic in nature
2.   It is extremely soft yet very durable
3.   It does not require pesticides to be grown and hence is absolutely organic
4.   It repels bed bugs
5.   It can keep you cool in summers and warm in winters
6.   It can wick moisture off the air

These are some of the qualities of silk that have made researchers innovate and create organic silk bedding. Comforters, sheets and more made out of silk is a big trend today. Silk can be used in your home as a part of bedding and furniture in a number of ways that are mentioned as follows:

  1. As curtains. You find a variety of curtains for your home ranging from traditional looking types to modern, chic one.Bedding
  2. As sofa covers and cushion covers. The beautiful sheen that they lend to the couch is awesome!sofa covers
  3.            In organic bedding as comforters and bed sheets, as well as silk pillow covers.

    silk pillow

  4. As window curtains for big and small windows.small-window
  5. As table cloth in case the table is made of wood. Silk will slip from glass tables
    Using silk as a part of your rooms interior décor will help you add to the charm of the room as well as to your health. So, have you checked out the options available yet?

Top 10 Reasons to Get Bamboo Bedding Today

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There is a certain craze for organic products in the market. And it is amusing how in a ‘fashion conscious’ world, you still have people caring about things that are great for the health and are not toxic in nature. That is the reason why there is a huge market for organic bamboo market today. With the help of this post let’s discuss how eco-friendly Bamboo bedding is the right choice for health and wholesomeness.

1. Bamboo grows without pesticides and fertilizers. Hence, it is one of the purest and is absolutely chemical free products.

Wedding Photography2. Bamboo has anti-insect and hypoallergenic properties; and can therefore, repel bed bugs as well as insects.

Bamboo3. Those who sleep on organic bamboo bedding do not suffer from hot flashes and rise in body temperature. This is what makes this material a favorite of women undergoing menopause.

organic bamboo bedding

4. Bamboo bedding is the right choice of bedding for babies, infants, youngsters and aged because they are extremely comfortable to sleep on.

Bamboo bedding5. Bedding made out of bamboo has a long shelf life and is easy to care.

6. Bamboo bedding helps keep your body warm in winters and cool in summers.


7. This kind of organic bedding should be used in case you suffer from some allergy or have a highly sensitive skin.


8. It wicks moisture from the surroundings hence reducing the humidity in the air, thereby making surroundings more comfortable.

9. Being bed bug resistant is one property of bamboo that makes bedding made out of it last for years.

Bed-Bug10. Bamboo bedding is durable yet soft. It is also as stylish as you can imagine.


These are ten reasons why one should bring home organic bamboo bedding today. Science proves that bamboo has a number of medicinal properties and hence should be resorted to in case you want to live healthy organically. An organic life is absolutely free of synthetic and chemical based materials, which is why going totally organic is tough. However, you can begin with organic bedding that does not require you to sacrifice any comfort and convenience to become healthier.

Silk Bedding: The Best for Everyone

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It is a known fact that mulberry silk is one of the best quality silk that you can purchase. This kind of silk is made from silkworms that are known as Bombix mori. These silk worms are basically raised on mulberry silk leaves and cultivated under exacting conditions. What’s awe-inspiring about these silk worms is that even though they are raised under captivity, they are able to spin a fabulous fabric out of the mulberry leaves. The silk fiber hence produced is very soft, supple and extremely comfortable to wear. The cloth made of this fiber conforms to every body type. Another awesome quality of silk is that it is warm in winters and cool in summers. Therefore, no matter what climate your city experiences, you will always stay comfortable in your silk cloth.

Because the cloth made out of silk can easily wick moisture from the air, those who stay in humid places also appreciate the comfort that silk offers. Another reason why Mulberry silk is the first choice of so many people, especially of females, is that it is wonderful for those who experience hot flashes during menopause.


When it comes to making a choice of bedding and quilts do you think about how they can affect your skin and health? If you are using an organic comforter, you are probably aware of the many advantages that a bamboo or silk comforter has. For the novice, here are the reasons to get home a new silk comforter that is completely organic:

1.Bug repellent: Like most of the other organic comforters and sheets, silk sheets are naturally bug repellent. Therefore, you can sleep on them without worrying about bed bugs attacking.

2.Hypoallergenic and Hygroscopic: The soft fiber of silk draws the moisture from the atmosphere. Another quality of silk comforters is that they are averse to allergy causing components. Therefore, if you sleep on an organic comforter, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep.

3.Cosmetic Benefits: There are a number of cosmetic benefits of sleeping on silk. One, you wake up feeling sweat free and that is why you look fresh. Skin bedding doesn’t tug with your hair therefore; it doesn’t cause much damage and breakage to it.

These are some of the reasons why comforters made out of silk are so much in demand. All in all, organic comforters offer a number of health benefits.

Cozy Earth Summer Giveaway is on!

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…And this time, it might just be your chance (read: luck) to win it! The change of seasons brings one good thing – a giveaway by Cozy Earth! Surely, the comforters and the bedding that you win keeps you free from the chill and the allergies. So, you are nearly never affected by the immunity loss that season fluctuations bring with them.

Of course, as a supporter of green life, you won’t wait for a giveaway for the sake of owning a comforter. You might already own one, but there is always room for another, right? So if the last one [ the giveaway] did not turn out to be  as good as you expected it to be, what is the harm of giving another shot?


Free Bamboo Sheet Set Giveaway

After all, one of the biggest retailers of organic bedding is giving away some of the best things in life for free. You don’t get a chance like that every single day; and, such opportunities are hard to miss. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


C’mon people! The giveaway is on and will last only 11 days from today. It is hardly a matter of 5 minutes to enter this giveaway.

So, what exactly do you have to do?

1. Visit Facebook Page
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What’s in a Giveaway?



Cozy Earth bedding and comforters are completely organic in nature since they are made out of bamboo and silk. The comforters, sheets and bedding that is manufactured by CozyEarth is specially famous for the various health advantages that it offers. For example, the bamboo sheets can wick moisture from the atmosphere, keep you warm in winters and vice-versa, are hypoallergenic and so on.

Bamboo and Silk Bedding: Why Go Organic With

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Researchers at Harvard’s School of Public Health tag the toxic chemical content in the surrounding as “silent pandemics.” From your clothes to your bedding to your curtains and even the carpets are the hiding homes of all these silent pandemics. Most synthetic and unnatural material is. Since there is a large amount of toxic chemicals in synthetic/artificial items, you can call them slow poisons or silent killers.

Do You Have An Option?

Yes, you do! Switching to organic way of life is the only way in which you can keep yourself and everything around you free of the toxins and poisons that are currently eating into you.

Going Organic – Why?

There is a new type of economy emerging and this one is focused at ‘green development’. The green wave is the only to kill the harmful things that these chemicals cause.

Since many components of ordinary mattresses — even very expensive models — use petro-chemical products and other synthetic materials in their construction, padding, covers, or fire retardant, these materials can cause allergic reactions for people who are chemically sensitive, and can certainly disrupt a good night’s sleep.

The Good Points About Going Organic

The benefits of going organic are many. Here is collection of some good points about going organic that make it an investment worth making. To begin with, organic bedding offers:

1. Freedom from allergies.
2. Is soft on sensitive skin.
3. Absorbs moisture from the air and surroundings.
4. Promises freedom from hot flashes.
5. Offers comfort and care as well as health benefits for pregnant women.
6. Organic silk ensures young and wrinkle free skin.
7. Is bed bug resistant.
8. Is hypoallergenic in nature and thus great for those suffering from asthma.

So What Makes Organic Bedding So Awesome

Bamboo that is used in making organic bedding is a grass and not a tree. Moreover, it does not require any pesticides or fertilizers for growing. Therefore, it is absolutely organic in nature. Similarly, silk or call it mulberry silk, is made by silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. The process of making silk out of these leaves is awe inspiring. Both these materials are absolutely natural. That is what makes them so AWESOME!

Buy Them Where?

You can buy an organic comforter or bed sheet from anywhere that you like. But first, research online about the quality that will fit your needs and budget.

“Save the Planet…Buy Organic”
― Nancy Philips

Finding the Perfect SIlk Pillow

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When it comes to a good night’s sleep there aren’t many things that are more important than the perfect pillow.  It is amazing how something as simple as a pillow can impact the way we feel and function. That is why finding the perfect pillow is of the utmost importance. As you begin your quest for the pillow of your dreams, you will quickly find that a silk pillow is really the only way to go. However, with all of the different silk pillows on the market, making the right decision can be a daunting task.  Here are a few tips to help guide you in your journey to find the perfect silk pillow that will help you sleep easy (both literally and figuratively): Continue reading

Maintaining and Caring for Bamboo Sheets

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There are so many amazing benefits to sleeping with bamboo sheets. Not only are bamboo sheets unbelievably comfortable, naturally organic, and hypoallergenic, they also require very little work in maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some people since they do not know exactly how to care for bamboo sheets and assume that these incredible sheets have to be dry cleaned or receive special care in order to prevent the benefits from slowly diminishing.  However, these people will be happy to learn that this is not the case. The natural benefits of bamboo not only make one of the most comfortable sheets to sleep in, but it also creates a product that can be cared for easily and effortlessly. Continue reading

Navigating the Muddy Waters of Eco-friendly Bedding

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Often times when searching for new bedding is has become important to many consumers to look for eco friendly bedding. Most consumers are not only looking for something that is particularly earth friendly but also effective in providing the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. Continue reading

Trading Up: Discovering the Mulberry Silk Comforter

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When researching comforters customers often get confused and overwhelmed by the different types of bedding available in the bedding market place today. In an industry where manufacturers are producing more of the same old down and cotton/poly bedding most people are surprised to find that there are better alternatives that are healthier and even more comfortable. Continue reading

The Hunt for Organic – Guess If You Are Game for Organic Bedding and More

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This is not just a piece of blog that you need to browse through and be done with. Because if you are a real fan of organic, you will know it to every bit. There is a little hunt here as through this blog post, we play a little game – that of a crossword. Hidden in this blog are certain words directly or indirectly related to organic and if you’ve been reading carefully, you will be able to crack the crossword in a matter of minutes.

Organic bedding – made either out of silk or bamboo is the right choice for those who are looking for certain health advantages. Bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic in nature. This means that sleeping on bamboo bedding ensures that you don’t get skin rashes or asthmatic attacks in case you are asthmatic.

Similarly, those who are extremely conscious about their skin and hair should consider purchasing silk comforters because these don’t tug wither with skin or hair, hence causing minimum damage. But what makes silk so tough, yet an excellent hypoallergenic material for bedding? Science has it that the protein that silk is made out of, namely sericin, is what is responsible for the beneficial properties of silk.

Looking for anti-microbial bedding? Once again comforters and bedsheets made out of organic materials like silk and bamboo are your best bet. Again, for infants, anti-microbial bedding sounds like a great investment! Bamboo bedding is also bedbug resistant; hence you can sleep absolutely free from the fear of bedbugs.

Organic bedding also has amazing moisture wicking abilities. Doesn’t all this just make the bedding sound like a superhero? Well, the list of advantages that organic or natural bedding offers is endless. King size bamboo bedding also offers total comfort and luxury. The fine fabric is extremely gentle on the skin and extremely durable as well.

All in all, silk and bamboo bedding promises a better lifestyle and an environment suitable for human wellbeing. Move towards a better tomorrow with organic bedding. Say no to synthetic!

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