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Finding the Perfect SIlk Pillow

When it comes to a good night’s sleep there aren’t many things that are more important than the perfect pillow.  It is amazing how something as simple as a pillow can impact the way we feel and function. That is why finding the perfect pillow is of the utmost importance. As you begin your quest for the pillow of your dreams, you will quickly find that a silk pillow is really the only way to go. However, with all of the different silk pillows on the market, making the right decision can be a daunting task.  Here are a few tips to help guide you in your journey to find the perfect silk pillow that will help you sleep easy (both literally and figuratively): Continue reading

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Maintaining and Caring for Bamboo Sheets

There are so many amazing benefits to sleeping with bamboo sheets. Not only are bamboo sheets unbelievably comfortable, naturally organic, and hypoallergenic, they also require very little work in maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some people since they do not know exactly how to care for bamboo sheets and assume that these incredible sheets have to be dry cleaned or receive special care in order to prevent the benefits from slowly diminishing.  However, these people will be happy to learn that this is not the case. The natural benefits of bamboo not only make one of the most comfortable sheets to sleep in, but it also creates a product that can be cared for easily and effortlessly. Continue reading

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Navigating the Muddy Waters of Eco-friendly Bedding

Often times when searching for new bedding is has become important to many consumers to look for eco friendly bedding. Most consumers are not only looking for something that is particularly earth friendly but also effective in providing the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. Continue reading

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Trading Up: Discovering the Mulberry Silk Comforter

When researching comforters customers often get confused and overwhelmed by the different types of bedding available in the bedding market place today. In an industry where manufacturers are producing more of the same old down and cotton/poly bedding most people are surprised to find that there are better alternatives that are healthier and even more comfortable. Continue reading

Know Your Bedding and Silk Pillow Cases Better

Silk has been used in across the globe for various things in various industries. Whether it is the fashion industry, textile firm or a bed and bedding entity, all use silk as an essential element in manufacturing their products. This smooth yet sturdy material is a favorite of millions because of its uncountable advantages.

Did you know that silk can keep your warm in winters and cool in summers? The ability to regulate body temperature is one of the many cherished properties of silk. There are some amazing things about silk and silk pillow cases that everyone ought to know. Some of these are mentioned in this write-up.

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Bamboo Beats Bug Bites: Proved Benefits of Bamboo

You are hardly to blame if you dread those indiscernible germs prowling around on your bed sheet, ready to bug you with certain diseases that may range from minor nags to serious health disorders. After all, you are meant to be as cautious as you can against them.

Or, one understands your plight also if you are a tad too lazy to wash your sheets more often or send them to laundry. Either case, here is good news for you – the antibacterial sheets have made their way to the market and by the looks of it, there are here to stay! Continue reading

Picking an Organic Comforter: Things to Consider

Organic comforters are known for various health benefits including relief from symptoms of menopause. Bamboo comforters in particular are known for being helpful in curing night sweats and hot flashes. Apart from this, 100% organic bamboo bedding is far more comfortable than any other kind because of the down feathers used in them, as well as the ability of these comforters to adapt to accustom to the climate around.

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