Silk Bedding: The Best for Everyone

It is a known fact that mulberry silk is one of the best quality silk that you can purchase. This kind of silk is made from silkworms that are known as Bombix mori. These silk worms are basically raised on mulberry silk leaves and cultivated under exacting conditions. What’s awe-inspiring about these silk worms is that even though they are raised under captivity, they are able to spin a fabulous fabric out of the mulberry leaves. The silk fiber hence produced is very soft, supple and extremely comfortable to wear. The cloth made of this fiber conforms to every body type. Another awesome quality of silk is that it is warm in winters and cool in summers. Therefore, no matter what climate your city experiences, you will always stay comfortable in your silk cloth.

Because the cloth made out of silk can easily wick moisture from the air, those who stay in humid places also appreciate the comfort that silk offers. Another reason why Mulberry silk is the first choice of so many people, especially of females, is that it is wonderful for those who experience hot flashes during menopause.


When it comes to making a choice of bedding and quilts do you think about how they can affect your skin and health? If you are using an organic comforter, you are probably aware of the many advantages that a bamboo or silk comforter has. For the novice, here are the reasons to get home a new silk comforter that is completely organic:

1.Bug repellent: Like most of the other organic comforters and sheets, silk sheets are naturally bug repellent. Therefore, you can sleep on them without worrying about bed bugs attacking.

2.Hypoallergenic and Hygroscopic: The soft fiber of silk draws the moisture from the atmosphere. Another quality of silk comforters is that they are averse to allergy causing components. Therefore, if you sleep on an organic comforter, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep.

3.Cosmetic Benefits: There are a number of cosmetic benefits of sleeping on silk. One, you wake up feeling sweat free and that is why you look fresh. Skin bedding doesn’t tug with your hair therefore; it doesn’t cause much damage and breakage to it.

These are some of the reasons why comforters made out of silk are so much in demand. All in all, organic comforters offer a number of health benefits.

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Cozy Earth bedding and comforters are completely organic in nature since they are made out of bamboo and silk. The comforters, sheets and bedding that is manufactured by CozyEarth is specially famous for the various health advantages that it offers. For example, the bamboo sheets can wick moisture from the atmosphere, keep you warm in winters and vice-versa, are hypoallergenic and so on.

Different Colors in Organic Bedding: What Colors Say

Organic bedding has ousted almost every other kind of bedding in the market. Umpteen benefits of these sheets and comforters make them a popular choice amongst people of all groups. From the positive effects of bamboo and silk comforters on the health of infants and grownups to the hypoallergenic properties of eco-friendly bedding, there are myriad reasons why people pick natural over synthetic.

Though every type of organic bedding has the same purpose, which is, adding health and wholesomeness to life, experiment with colors for making a statement. Each color conveys a different meaning. Here is some color coding decoded for those looking for bamboo bedding:

Wrapping the romance and adventure in its deep and glossy hue, red is the color to go for if you are looking to revive some spark in your relationship! From the lighter shades in red to the deeper ones, there is a range to choose from.

Red-Organic-Bedding                      Image courtesy:

An icon of environmental awareness, green is the color that makes one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Light on the eyes, green is your color if you are looking for maximum comfort.

Calm, cool and refreshing, blue is the color that you should pick in your comforters in your baby boy’s room. However, there is no hard and fast rule. You can pick this color for any other room as well.

Pink bedding looks cute and definitely has a feminine feel. You can use it in the guest room or that of your teenage daughter. This beautiful color too comes in a number of tones.

Organic-Bedding                                 Image Courtesy:

In silk bedding, the violet hue shines in a near perfect sheen. The color is perfect for any occasion, any person and any room be that of a child or an adult. Enliven up the atmosphere with this color.

These are some of the shades that can give more meaning to the rooms that you live in. Choose the hues carefully, keeping in mind the space and interiors of your abode.

Bamboo and Silk Bedding: Why Go Organic With

Researchers at Harvard’s School of Public Health tag the toxic chemical content in the surrounding as “silent pandemics.” From your clothes to your bedding to your curtains and even the carpets are the hiding homes of all these silent pandemics. Most synthetic and unnatural material is. Since there is a large amount of toxic chemicals in synthetic/artificial items, you can call them slow poisons or silent killers.

Do You Have An Option?

Yes, you do! Switching to organic way of life is the only way in which you can keep yourself and everything around you free of the toxins and poisons that are currently eating into you.

Going Organic – Why?

There is a new type of economy emerging and this one is focused at ‘green development’. The green wave is the only to kill the harmful things that these chemicals cause.

Since many components of ordinary mattresses — even very expensive models — use petro-chemical products and other synthetic materials in their construction, padding, covers, or fire retardant, these materials can cause allergic reactions for people who are chemically sensitive, and can certainly disrupt a good night’s sleep.

The Good Points About Going Organic

The benefits of going organic are many. Here is collection of some good points about going organic that make it an investment worth making. To begin with, organic bedding offers:

1. Freedom from allergies.
2. Is soft on sensitive skin.
3. Absorbs moisture from the air and surroundings.
4. Promises freedom from hot flashes.
5. Offers comfort and care as well as health benefits for pregnant women.
6. Organic silk ensures young and wrinkle free skin.
7. Is bed bug resistant.
8. Is hypoallergenic in nature and thus great for those suffering from asthma.

So What Makes Organic Bedding So Awesome

Bamboo that is used in making organic bedding is a grass and not a tree. Moreover, it does not require any pesticides or fertilizers for growing. Therefore, it is absolutely organic in nature. Similarly, silk or call it mulberry silk, is made by silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. The process of making silk out of these leaves is awe inspiring. Both these materials are absolutely natural. That is what makes them so AWESOME!

Buy Them Where?

You can buy an organic comforter or bed sheet from anywhere that you like. But first, research online about the quality that will fit your needs and budget.

“Save the Planet…Buy Organic”
― Nancy Philips

Organic Living: Why People Are Making the Switch to Natural Bedding

Are you one of the millions of people who are switching to organic slowly and steadily? You would then second that organic is the new synonym for healthy. For many people, switching to organic has become one of the means of staying healthy. That is why from their food to their drinks to their home, everything that you come across will be eco-friendly in nature. It is not just the health friendly people who are adopting life style changes so as to remain healthy, there is another group of people, which is concerned about the environment and is raising awareness about natural options available nowadays. You can’t say that the concept is a new one; however, it is old wine in a new bottle. Some innovations in the organic world have taken place recently.

Nonetheless, in case you talk about bamboo and silk fabrics, they have been around for quite a lot of time and continue to be popular amongst people from all walks of life. If you were to jot down the reasons why everyone nowadays loves natural comforters and bedding, you would have an endless list of benefits with you. Talking particularly about the comforters, here are some points that will make it clear why these are nowadays a rage:

1. Medical Reasons: In case you have a sensitive skin that develops a rash easily, or are allergy prone, natural silk sheets and bamboo comforters are the right choice for you. These materials are hypoallergenic in nature and therefore prevent skin as well as breathing allergies.

2. Cosmetic Reasons: Sleeping on silk bedding can truly make you look ageless. If you want to wake up wrinkle free and fresher, try sleeping on silk bed sheets and silk pillows.

3. Restful Sleep: Natural comforters have some of the most amazing properties such as being skin-friendly, bug resistant, sturdy yet soft etc. All these properties of bamboo sheets and silk ones too, see to it that you enjoy a restful and comfortable sleep.

These are some of the properties of bamboo and silk natural bedding, which make them so popular amongst people of all age groups nowadays. In case you own a bamboo comforter set, you would know how your life has changed. Don’t you feel more refreshed in the mornings having slept on natural bedding? In case you haven’t yet tried organic comforters for sleep, do bring one home as soon as you can.

Finding the Perfect SIlk Pillow

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Maintaining and Caring for Bamboo Sheets

There are so many amazing benefits to sleeping with bamboo sheets. Not only are bamboo sheets unbelievably comfortable, naturally organic, and hypoallergenic, they also require very little work in maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some people since they do not know exactly how to care for bamboo sheets and assume that these incredible sheets have to be dry cleaned or receive special care in order to prevent the benefits from slowly diminishing.  However, these people will be happy to learn that this is not the case. The natural benefits of bamboo not only make one of the most comfortable sheets to sleep in, but it also creates a product that can be cared for easily and effortlessly. Continue reading

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How to Get the Best of Deals on Organic Comforters

Everybody loves organic! Don’t they? Given that the advantages of going eco-friendly are now known by almost everyone around the world, the demand of products made out of bamboo and silk is increasing day by day. The environment friendly groups and communities are doing there bit by increasing awareness about how chemical free items are more beneficial for human health. However, the shift from where we are today to a completely chemical-free world will take some time.

natural bed sheets and comforters

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How To Sleep Chemical Free With Organic Pillows And Bed Sheets

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