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We asked REAL customers what they thought of their Cozy Earth bedding and this is what they said…

Thank you Cozy Earth for 3 years of the best sleep in my life!!

Lynn M.
Buckhead, Georgia

I am officially sweating no more! Every morning I wake up I cannot believe how much more comfortable and dry I am. My wife was also experiencing terrible night sweats and we both couldn’t be more pleased with Cozy Earth.

Bill A.
Charleston, South Carolina

My parents worked as executives at Canon Mills, a world class bed linens company, for over 30 years. Fine bedding is in my blood, but this Cozy Earth bedding is so much better on every level than what they made back then. I’m so pleased with this purchase and I can’t even express how much I treasure this bedding. I’m never going back!

Mary U.
Concord, North Carolina

I bought some of your sheets and flipped out and then I came back and bought a bunch more. My husband doesn’t get hot anymore and neither do I. It did exactly what you said it would do.
Thank you!!

Keith G.
Montgomery, Alambama

My friend Geri and I both have hot flashes and have tried other bamboo sheets but we totally agree, none of them are as good as Cozy Earth.

Laney Z.
Westlake Village, California

I am freaking out with how awesome this bedding is! We own 3 houses across the U.S. and every one of them has Cozy Earth bedding in them!

Marie E.
Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

I was amazed at how the bamboo comforter kept me at the perfect temperature all night long. It also didn’t slide around inside the duvet cover which is a huge plus!

Raphael W.
Ashland, Massachusetts

I have the bamboo blanket, bamboo sheets, bamboo comforter, and the silk pillow. All are exquisite! I’ve been sleeping under other bamboo for 15 years and none of it has come even close to how good your’s is!

Jeanie H.
Wildwood, Missouri

I own an interior design business for high-end clienetele. They are used to the crème de la crème. I personally use Cozy Earth bedding and and now so do many of my clients. We all SWEAR by it!

Cynthia D.
Hamden, Connecticut

I have to admit my first purchase I was skeptical so I only tried out your bamboo sheets. The first night they were heavenly, then better the second, and even more wonderful weeks later. Then I purchased a bamboo comforter and bamboo duvet cover and it got even better…so I bought the pillow. I recommend this to all my friends and many of them have purchased as well. We are all so thrilled!
Thank you!!

David C.
Dallas, Texas

I’ve had these sheets for two years, washing every other week and they are still awesome! I absolutely love them and tell all my friends and family they must have Cozy Earth bamboo sheets!

Joan B.
Roseville, Minnesota

We tried your bedding and we think it’s absolutely amazing! We both are engineers and occasionally bring home some oil on our hands from work. Your bamboo sheets don’t stain. The oil comes right out in the wash. We’ve never seen anything like it!

Lori and Hal H.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Cozy Earth bedding is holding up beautifully! My husband who never says anything about anything was in shock when he first slept under it! We LOVE Cozy Earth!

Melanie L.
Winter Park, Florida

It was the best purchase I have ever made! I bought it for all my kids and even as gifts for friends. It’s incredible!

Barbara H.
New York, New York

I love your stuff and tell everyone about it. I’ve also made a lot of big orders and am happy to do so because it sleeps so cool and comfortable all night long.

Dawn K.
Park City, Utah