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Cozy Earth OFFERS:

Wholesale Programs
Container Programs

Special Orders

All prices are quoted based on current market costs and subject to change at any time. All initial orders are required to be paid in full prior to shipment. All prices are subject to change without notice. Stock items are immediately available with an estimated time for delivery of 1-2 weeks. The estimated delivery time on volume ordered back ordered items is between 8-14 weeks. All volume and back orders will require a 50% deposit. Cancelled orders will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Special orders are subject to a 50% restocking fee. All orders for stock items must be picked up within 15 days of Invoice date. COZY EARTH LLC will cancel and restock any orders not picked up within this time frame and will issue a refund, less a 50% restocking fee. Unless special written permission is granted by COZY EARTH LLC, all orders are C.O.D or PREPAID. Title to merchandise passes to customer when the carrier accepts delivery from COZY EARTH LLC. Customer is required to make timely payment, regardless of whether or not a claim is pending with the freight carrier. Customer may not withhold payment to COZY EARTH LLC while awaiting settlement of their claim with 3rd parties.
COZY EARTH LLC will offer certain “mini comforter and sheet set samples” with orders at no additional cost from our price lists.


COZY EARTH LLC recommends shipment via ground truck shipping within the United States and Canada. COZY EARTH LLC will arrange shipment of commercial orders via best way unless otherwise indicated on customers purchase order, or instructed in writing.

In an effort to help control shipping costs COZY EARTH LLC has capped all freight charges to 15 % of the invoice for any invoice over USD $3,000.00. Invoices under $3,000.00 will be handled on a case by case basis. COZY EARTH LLC will provide freight quote for your approval prior to shipment. We can arrange “home deliveries” and “residential deliveries” or, any customer service including drop ship but this may incur higher shipping costs. You may also arrange your own shipment or use your own shipping number to pay for freight costs. Please note that COZY EARTH LLC is not

responsible for freight damages resulting from shipments. All goods are sold from our warhouse located in Salt Lake City, Utah. All items are inspected by COZY EARTH LLC and the shipping agents before the items are shipped. Merchandise should be inspected as soon as it is received and all damages noted on the Bill of Lading before signing and reported directly to the shipping company. Special handling charges might apply to orders with special packing requirement. (Repack, Special Box, Bubble Wrap, Crate, Etc.). All freight damage claims must be filed by the consignee directly with the shipping company.


In the event that there is a defected item, COZY EARTH LLC guarantees replacement of the damaged piece (subject to availability) within 30 days of delivery date. For any opened/used items returned prior to the 30 day guaranty, there will be a 20% restocking fee applied to the sale. (customer is liable for all shipping charges). All "Special Orders" are final and return policy does not apply.
Please note that it takes 7 to 10 business days for COZY EARTH LLC to process returns and in the event that a refund is due COZY EARTH LLC reserves the right to refund monies 30 business days after the return is completed.
All "Return" issues must be sent in writing to or faxed to 1-(801)-606-7845.
All returns must be authorized by COZY EARTH LLC Customer Service.

A. Order Confirmation:
All orders placed are confirmed in writing and must be signed and sent back to COZY EARTH LLC, (or a recognized agent thereof) in order to be considered a firm order. Once an order confirmation has been signed and sent, the order cannot be cancelled. COZY EARTH LLC retains the right to accept changes in confirmed orders up to a maximum of 7 days after the receipt of the signed order confirmation.

B. Under-ordering:
In such cases as an order is deemed insufficient, COZY EARTH LLC, shall inform the customer and request additional items to be ordered. Such additional items should be ordered within 5 working days of receipt of a request for additional items. Should the customer fail to provide an order for additional items, COZY EARTH LLC reserves the  the right to adjust price of shipping or raise price of products or to cancel the order.
C. Over-ordering and Backorders:
D. Packaging and Shipping:
COZY EARTH LLC guarantees packing and shipping, plus or minus 15% of those items that are ordered.

E. Shipping Insurance:
Shipping insurance is available at customer's request.

F. Payment:

1. A 50% deposit is required with the order confirmation. The balance is due within 15 working days of the container invoice date.
2. Payment should be by bank transfer to a bank account specified by COZY EARTH LLC, or a recognized agent thereof.
3. If payment is not received by the due date, then a 3% per month interest charge will be assessed, payable before the container is released to the customer.
G. Volume Discount:
Customers who regularly order three (3) or more containers (see Supplement, below, for definition of container in this context) per month may be given Volume Discounts at the discretion of COZY EARTH LLC. Volume discounts are given according to the following guidelines:
• The containers meet the minimum value as set out in Supplement.
• Volume discount is based on regular orders of at least three containers per month.

Calculation of qualification for volume discount shall be based on calendar months using the date that orders are received by COZY EARTH LLC, and not actual shipping date (except where clear instruction is given that an order should be shipped after a designated delay). COZY EARTH LLC, at all times reserves the right to withdraw volume discounts or modify the rate of discount available.

H. Inability to Take Possession of a Container:
If for any reason a customer cannot take possession of an ordered container once it has reached its destination, then the customer shall be held responsible for all costs incurred and forfeits any amount of money paid to COZY EARTH LLC

Customer Complaints:
Complaints about quality of container contents shall be accepted if they total more than 5% of the total value (before any discounts) of the container; such claims must be made within 3 (three) weeks of receipt of the container. All claims must be accompanied by full "documentation" (as described in the Supplement, below) and third party corroboration. COZY EARTH LLC, reserves the right to reject any claims not supported by full documentation and third party corroboration. Any approved compensation and/or credits shall be given to Customer in the form of credit on a future container. Claims received after 3 (three) weeks shall be counted as void, regardless of their value.