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Temperature Regulating

Sleeping “just right” demands a simple formula to find the apt ratio between "too hot" and "too cold"! In the bedrooms, the temperature wars between the couples often reach fever pitch, but luckily Cozy Earth has the solution that can make your sleep environment “just right” for a perfect snooze. The recent technical advancements in the fabric and the hard work and diligence of experts at Cozy Earth have resulted in the bedding that can match you and your partner’s body temperature together, giving you both a sound sleep without a battle.

Cozy Earth bamboo bedding – Extraordinary concept with a simple science behind!

Your body experiences periods of conflicting temperatures as you sleep, resulting in an upsurge of heat and humidity.

In bed products stay either warm or cold that proves to be unfavorable to health. Though, bedding made of bamboo and silk fiber helps to regulate the body temperature, keeping you cool during summers and warm during winters. The cozy’s bedding collection keeps you cooler by absorbing your excess heat, then releasing it when your skin temperature drops.

Cozy Earth’s temperature regulating bedding is crafted to transfer the excess heat away from your body up to three times better than conventional bedding . This averts perspiration and regulates your sleep temperature. bedding is just perfect for anybody seeking a better slumber or women experiencing menopause or couples with conflicting thermal comfort levels.

The temperature regulating bedding is just not limited to bamboo bed sheets or silk filled comforters, we also offer bamboo duvet covers, silk pillows and bamboo comforters with excellent temperature control qualities. So, no more tossing and turning at night or during sleep with a partner with whom you’re thermally incompatible.