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What is Bamboo Viscose?

Almost all bamboo bed sets claim to be “green” or “eco-friendly.” Yet, many bamboo products aren’t as eco-friendly as they seem to be. How can you tell the difference between those that are genuinely environmentally friendly and those that aren’t?

You could try reading the label. If you do, you will most likely see something like “bamboo viscose,” “viscose from bamboo” or perhaps “rayon from bamboo.” Unless you have an extensive knowledge of the bamboo manufacturing process, these terms don’t help you much.

So, what do these labels mean? Well, all of these labels essentially mean the same thing; they are all made using the viscose process. In fact, most bamboo fabrics are made using this technique. So, what exactly is the viscose process and how does understanding it help you to determine if your bamboo bedding is really green?

The Viscose Process

Let’s start with the first question – What is the viscose process? Well, the viscose process describes the way the bamboo is turned into fabric. Generally, the bamboo is broken up and dissolved in a solution. Once the bamboo has dissolved, this solution is pressed into fibers and then cooled. Finally, these fibers are spun into threads and woven into fabric.

Now, as you might have figured out, this definition leaves a lot of the specifics up to the company. For instance, what solution are they dissolving the bamboo in? The answer to this question is actually what helps you to determine whether a bamboo company is eco-friendly or not.

Traditional Companies

The process used by most businesses is to just chop up their bamboo and toss the wooden chips into a stew of caustic chemicals. They let these chemicals do the work to turn their bamboo into pulp. Once the bamboo has dissolved, the entire mixture is pressed into fibers and then doused with another chemical bath to help them cool.

Once everything is said and done, the bamboo has been treated with the following chemicals:

  • Carbon disulfide
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Sulfuric acid

All of these chemicals are extremely corrosive and detrimental to the environment. Since this a well-known fact, many traditional companies try to prevent these substances from escaping their production plants. Despite these efforts, a significant amount of these chemicals leach into the environment and pollute the earth.

Additionally, many of these chemicals end up in your bed. Snuggling up to a bed full of carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid doesn’t sound all that eco-friendly, or healthy for that matter.

How Cozy Earth Is Different

Cozy Earth, however, is different. We are unique from other bamboo companies because we take the time to properly prepare our bamboo beforehand so that it doesn’t have to be treated with corrosive chemicals.

To explain, we start by shaving our premium bamboo into soft fiber instead of simply chopping it up. This is done by a patented machine process. We then carefully dissolve the soft fiber in a sodium solution to turn it into pulp. This solution is much healthier and safer than the chemical mixture described above. Once the bamboo pulp is cool and dry, we turn it into incredibly soft thread and weave into beautiful bedding.

By using this gentle method, we are able to create the softest and coziest bamboo bedding on the market without polluting the environment. Furthermore, this process preserves bamboo’s remarkable moisture wicking and hypoallergenic qualities in our bedding. If you want to learn more about these qualities, read our blog 5 Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets.

In summary, choose a bed set hasn’t been soaked in a stew of harsh chemicals. Instead, invest in a bamboo bed set from a company that proves it is eco-friendly by never using harsh chemicals, a company like Cozy Earth.

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