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Vacationing with Bamboo Sheets and Blankets

Whether you’re taking a long road trip or going camping, it’s always nice to bring along a few comforts from home, especially if you have kids. Just having a favorite toy or a blanket around can bring enough familiarity and comfort to a child that your vacation can transform from one of stressful, forced family fun to relaxation and real family bonding. To encourage familiarity and comfort on your next vacation, try bringing along your family’s bamboo sheets and blankets.

bamboo-blanket Bamboo Blanket

While this suggestion may sound odd at first, it is an easy and surprisingly effective way to bring along the comforts of home without overloading your suitcases. When you’re on vacation, you’re in an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar bed, which can be disorienting. Since your bed is the one place you can always go for peace and comfort, it makes sense that bringing along your own bedding will help you to relax and get the most out of your vacation. Bamboo sheets also don’t take up much room and you can use your bamboo blankets in the car as you travel to your destination.

Swapping out your hotel’s bedding for your king size bamboo sheets will instantly make your hotel room feel more familiar and comfortable. I don’t know about you, but I’m always a little grossed out by hotel sheets. You never know who else has slept in the bed and even though the sheets have been washed, the thought is somewhat off-putting. By bringing along your own bamboo sheets and blankets, you are just more comfortable and at ease. With your own bamboo sheets, you can lean back and relax into the comforts of your hotel without anything intruding on the pleasure of your vacation.

Bringing along your bamboo crib sheet on your vacation is an especially good idea if you have an infant. Babies are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment and bringing along their familiar bedding can help comfort your child if they feel overwhelmed.

Additionally, bringing along your baby’s bamboo crib sheet can also reduce any allergic reactions your child may have while you’re on vacation. When you use the hotel’s bedding, you never know if your child is going to have a bad skin or respiratory reaction to the unfamiliar bed. When you bring your child’s bamboo sheets with you, you completely eliminate this worry and you and your baby can enjoy your vacation.

If you’re taking your kids camping, bringing along your luxurious bamboo blankets is a fantastic way to ensure that your family is still comfortable in the great outdoors. Bamboo blankets are perfect for camping because they’re breathable enough to keep you cozy and cool during the summer, but warm enough to keep you toasty once the temperature drops at night. You don’t even have to worry about your bamboo blankets getting dirty. Once you get home from your trip into nature, just throw your bamboo blankets into your washing machine and they’re good as new!

For help picking the perfect bamboo bedding that will bring comfort no matter where you are, see our blog post: How to Choose the Best Organic Bamboo Bedding.