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Trading Up: Discovering the Mulberry Silk Comforter

When researching comforters customers often get confused and overwhelmed by the different types of bedding available in the bedding market place today. In an industry where manufacturers are producing more of the same old down and cotton/poly bedding most people are surprised to find that there are better alternatives that are healthier and even more comfortable.

One such example is the 100% Mulberry silk comforter. When crafted properly these Mulberry Silk Comfortercomforters, also known as silk comforters or silk comforter sets, provide all the warmth of more traditional comforters without all the hot humidity. They also provide a luxurious plush feel that features a memory and soft hand that far exceeds the comfort of down and cotton. In addition a Mulberry silk comforter is also considered an product due to its natural fibers and eco-friendly attributes.

How does one go about confidently purchasing a genuine Mulberry silk comforter? Sometimes it can seem impossible to try to navigate all the different sites and blogs that claim to provide the real thing. One site is stating that their product is the most natural while another site is saying they only use “grade A silk.”  Here are some important tips that can help you find the highest quality silk comforter while ignoring all the mumbo jumbo.

1. Look for a site that explains in detail the content filling of their comforters. If the comforters are sold as a Silk comforter set look for a specific explanation for what is in the comforter itself. There are a lot of “throw-away”marketing terms in the bedding industry, but some important one’s for Silk Comforters, that truly educate you on what you’re buying are: 100% Long-Strand Mulberry Silk: This means they only use the longest and most consistent type of  silk floss in their comforters. This is important because many silk comforter manufacturers “sandwich” short-strands in between long-strand to save on money. But this hurts the integrity and consistancy of the fill. Manufacturer’s do this to save money and increase profits, but it doensn’t represent a high-quality product.

2. Look for a site that specializes in the product. For example, it’s not wise to assume that if a retailer sells it, they understand it. Often, it’s best to find companies that specialize in bedding for example, because it translates to greater focus on the products they sell. Companies that sell yoga shirts and loungewear and then throw in a silk comforter to stay with the “natural” feel are probably not as concerned with providing you with the best, as much as rounding out their inventory themes.

3. When in doubt...just ask!

If you have a question, or would like to validate claims, ask more questions, then send an email or give the company in question a call. Look them up on the better business bureau if their site looks shady. Due dilligence goes a long way and if a company can’t confidently and clearly answer your questions, or meet the above specifications, then toss them to the curb.

The most important thing in choosing the right comforter is getting a better nights sleep. Some people forget this too easily and go with something that just looks pretty. Once you’ve done your research and purchase a silk comforter set (mullberry silk comforter), and you’ve found the highest quality out there, you’re going to sleep more comfortably than you ever have before and wonder how you dealt with such uncomfortable and antiquated down and cotton bedding for all these years.

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