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The Top 5 Wedding Presents

Wedding season is finally here and that means you’ll probably have at least one or two marriages to attend this summer. So, what should you give the handsome groom and blushing bride?

Well, the best wedding gift is something that the lovebirds wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. After all, most newlyweds are just starting out and are so focused on the bare essentials that they forget to register for anything fun or exciting. By going beyond the basics and giving them something of quality, something that will truly help them turn their house into a home, you will be able to show your loved ones how thrilled you are about their marriage.

To help you find the perfect present, here are five great gift ideas from Cozy Earth.

Organic Bamboo Bedding

Premium bamboo bedding is a wonderful present because it is the perfect blend of practicality and luxury. Everyone could use a new set of sheets and the sumptuous fibers of bamboo will make the sweethearts feel like they’re royalty.

One of the best perks of buying bamboo bedding is that you pick a gift that fits your budget. If you’re looking for a present for your favorite niece, you could splurge and buy her a gorgeous bamboo comforter. If you’re budget is more mid-range, you could buy bamboo sheets, or if you’re just starting out yourself, you could give the couple a cozy bamboo blanket to cuddle under. No matter which gift you choose, the bride and groom will love the soft, breathable fabric of bamboo.

The best place to buy bamboo bedding is Cozy Earth of course! Don’t believe us? Then read Bamboo Bed Sheets: Why Choose Cozy Earth to discover why Cozy Earth is the best.

Crystal Tumblers

Next on our list is another delightful addition to any home: crystal tumblers. Newlyweds hardly ever have much money, so they would never splurge and buy themselves elegant drinkware. However, they’ll be sure to pull them out for special occasions (like they’re first anniversary!) or even to turn a normal Tuesday night into a romantic evening. Either way, they’ll remember you fondly whenever they see their stunning crystal tumblers.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond has an unbelievable selection of crystal tumblers for you to choose from.

Decorative Vase

A picturesque vase is another decorative item that a young couple will rarely remember on their registry. Yet, a vase with some fresh flowers easily transforms even the tiniest of apartments to a bright and sunny home.

One caveat, look for a vase that has a simple design so that it can go with any décor. Glass or crystal vases are a good option and look lovely in any room. You can find fantastic vases at Macy’s.

Candlestick Holders

The new husband and wife can’t have a beautiful, candle lit dinner without candles! So, give them the gift of romance by sending them candlestick holders. Just like the crystal tumblers and decorative vase, a pair of candlestick holders can make your loved ones feel like they’re living a life of luxury.

To find stunning candlestick holders, browse the wide selection at Pier 1 Imports.

Framed Engagement/Wedding Photo

Last, but not least, on our list is a framed picture of the happy couple. An engagement photo (or if you can wait, a wedding photo) is a particularly good choice. Like we’ve said before, newlyweds don’t have a lot of spare change for decorating, so giving them a personalized gift that they can hang on their wall will instantly make their new home feel like their own!

One of the best places to have a picture printed and framed is mpix. They produce professional quality photos while still being reasonably priced.

What were some of your favorite gifts you received for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!