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Top 5 Tips to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Comfortable and restful sleep is not possible without a comfortable and cozy bed. However, most of the times people fail to make themselves a nice bed that is required for them to get a restful sleep. The point here is that the ‘definition’ of comfortable is not the same for everyone.

A person with cervical might need bedding that is quite different from the kind of bedding that a person without cervical pain. The same way, a person of a heavy build finds comfort on a plush and fluffy bed while a bony person can sleep on a flat-bed too. Organic bedding like bamboo and silk bedding is one example and the new idea of comfort.

Whatever your case might be, if you wish to make your bed more comfortable, here are some curated tips that will definitely help you.

TIP 1: The mattress provides the support, but the cushion provides majority of the comfort. Stack a featherbed, memory foam mattress topper, or a couple of eggshell mattress toppers onto your bed for the ultimate hotel bed comfort. -

TIP 2: Remember to get a comforter set that fits your comfort needs as well. If you live in Hawaii, you don’t want to purchase an extremely heavy comforter, so make sure it’s weather appropriate. -

TIP 3: Buy silky, natural tree-fibre sheets in a soothing colour. An exquisitely soft cashmere throw for the bed. A hypoallergenic down comforter. A sunshine silk duvet cover. Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. A roll for behind your neck, a wedge for behind your back, a full-body pillow for when your bed partner is away. Hypoallergenic, of course. And don’t forget the teddy bear. You can't sleep without one. -

TIP 4: Massage interrupts the neurohormones connected with sleeplessness and almost manually imposes sleep on you,” says therapist Belleruth Naparstek, M.S. “If you can’t afford a massage, go to a massage school” for a good massage at a bargain price. -

TIP 5: The temperature of your surroundings is critical to your comfort level. There is really no perfect temperature to sleep in, but research has shown that cooler is definitely more restful than warmer. What to do when two people don’t agree on the room temperature? The best solution here is to settle on the cooler temperature, and have one person use a warmer cover. You can also use a dual-control electric blanket or mattress pad to help even the score on this issue. -

Other than the above mentioned, one must also consider infusing and green ways in his/her lifestyle. Start with bamboo bedding – it will definitely world for you!