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The Most Breathable Comforters on the Market

Wrapping yourself up in a warm, fluffy comforter is one of the best ways to drift off to sleep. You’re toasty warm and that cool night air doesn’t bother you at all. Yet, after only a few hours, that same comforter can become stifling, causing you to wake up soaked in sweat. You end up kicking off your once-loved comforter to cool down, only to start shivering a few minutes later. You then spend the whole night repeating this cycle, ruining the good night’s sleep you thought you were going to have.

While this experience may be typical with most comforters, there’s a simple solution. You just need to find a comforter that’s both warm and breathable.

When your comforter is breathable, you can stay at the perfect temperature all night long. So, what are the most breathable comforters available on the market today? Below we’ve compiled a list of our top three favorites.

#3 – Cotton

Cotton, as you know, is exceptionally lightweight and breathable. It quickly wicks any moisture away from your bed, helping you to stay cool and dry as you sleep. Additionally, it’s fairly inexpensive, making it a great choice if you want to buy bedding on a budget. Since it is so cheap, you don’t have to worry too much if it is stained or damaged because you can easily replace it. With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder that cotton is the most popular natural fabric in the world.

If you love cotton and couldn’t imagine sleeping under anything else, we recommend that you invest in an Egyptian cotton comforter. While it’s a little more expensive, Egyptian cotton dramatically increases the quality of your bedding. For instance, Egyptian cotton is even more breathable than standard cotton. This is because Egyptian cotton is much more porous and therefore can wick heat and moisture away more efficiently. Moreover, Egyptian cotton is softer, smoother, and lasts longer than traditional cotton, making your investment more worthwhile.

#2 – Silk

Even though cotton is renowned for its breathability, silk is actually more breathable than cotton. In fact, silk wicks away moisture at twice the rate of cotton and reduces the humidity in your bed by 50%. This means that once you get too hot and start sweating, your silk comforter quickly wicks this moisture away and instantly cools you down.

In comparison, down comforters trap this moisture under the covers with you and this moisture reflects your body heat back to you. Eventually, it becomes so hot that you can’t stand it any longer and toss your feather comforter onto the floor. With a silk comforter, you never have to worry about overheating in this way.

In addition to being cool and comfortable, silk is also extremely luxurious. If you’re looking for high-quality bedding to add a touch of elegance to your décor, then silk is the way to go. For example, a silk comforter lends an aura of sophistication and grace to any master bedroom. While this luxury often comes at a cost, it doesn’t have to. To find a beautiful silk comforter on sale, visit Cozy Earth and discover our 100% mulberry silk comforter.

#1 – Bamboo

Bamboo ranks #1 on our list of the most breathable comforters because it offers the breathability of silk without the large price tag. Bamboo is twice as breathable as cotton, just like silk, and it’s just as soft and smooth as silk, making a bamboo comforter a true joy to sleep under.

Moreover, bamboo isn’t as expensive silk. That’s because it’s much easier to grow a field of bamboo than it is to raise thousands of silk worms. To explain, bamboo is an astonishingly fast-growing grass and as such, it just grows back again once it is cut down. It also doesn’t need very much water or nutrients to grow. All of these factors combine to make bamboo fairly inexpensive to harvest while still being a quality product.

With a bamboo comforter, you can have the best of both worlds. To find a bamboo comforter you’ll love, visit Cozy Earth and discover our premium bamboo comforter.

Now that you know the advantages of the top three most breathable comforters, which one are you going to choose?

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