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modern uses of bamboo

  • Modern Bamboo Uses

    In ancient China, bamboo had a multitude of uses. For example, bamboo shoots were a common food source and building material for homes, furniture, and cookware. It was also used to make weapons, such as bows and arrows, and musical instruments, such as flutes. It was even used in medicine. In fact, bamboo was so important to the lives of the Chinese people that the poet Su Dongpo wrote, “I can go without meat in my meal, yet I can't live in a place without bamboo.” Continue reading

  • A Timeline of Bamboo Products

    Bamboo—the largest member of the grass family—is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. Throughout history, this highly usable and sustainable plant has found a prominent place in cultures all across the world, and for good reason. Bamboo offers benefits in a variety of different applications, ranging from good luck charms to structural materials. Continue reading

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