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Navigating the Muddy Waters of Eco-friendly Bedding

Often times when searching for new bedding is has become important to many consumers to look for eco friendly bedding. Most consumers are not only looking for something that is particularly earth friendly but also effective in providing the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

The only problem is the eco friendly bedding sector of home furnishings is littered with a myriad of confusing and sometime contradictory marketing campaigns. For example, how does one tell the difference between “eco friendly” and “green.” Or how do you hold a manufacturer or brand responsible for claims that purport producing environmentally friendly products.

Here are some tips to help you separate the wheat from the tares and truly find the most eco friendly bedding possible.

1. Find a bedding company that not only makes claims of being environmentally friendly but also has the certifications to back it up. Keep in mind that while many companies have certifications the most genuine type of report or certification comes from an independent source. The very best type of certifications come from companies that are simply not trying to bolster their brand but actually trying to advocate better practices in bedding production. One such certification that falls within these parameters OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This is the standard by which overseas and domestic manufacturers are graded on their conformity with earth-conscious production measures.

2. Universities have long proven to be excellent proving grounds for the claims of certain products. Some universities specialize in the scientific study of textiles for home use. (scientific is the operative word here as it denotes a theoretical and experimental testing process that is consistent with the scientific method; the best known process to test theories and claims made by any source)

3. It is always important to understand that many companies are trying their best to produce products that are more eco friendly and green. It is impossible to be 100% “green.” To explain, take bamboo sheets for example, this is a product that can be made in literally hundreds of different ways. But the chemicals used in production can drastically change how earth friendly it really is. Companies like Cozy Earth have tried to stay ahead of this danger of using too many chemicals and have made a sincere focus in not only providing the softness and strongest product to their consumers, but also in taking as many steps as is humanly possible to avoid any and all chemicals that could prove detrimental to the environment. So often, you’ll see companies using buzzwords like “green” and “eco-friendly” interchangeably and many companies and even “non-profits” will try to define one or the other, but the truth is they were born in a marketing department and they’re often defined there too. So there is no substitute for learning the process and then deciding for yourself.

Using this criteria is a great way to put your best foot forward when you are buying products with the earth and environment in mind. It’s understandable when marketers will say or do anything to sell their product, but disheartening when so-call “non-profits” or certification companies do it too. While the reality is that everyone is trying to make a living anyway they can, and while most mean well, not one can be perfect. While no way is perfect (despite what many will say) it’s similar to everything in life, do your research and then do your best.

Cozy Earth is the world’s foremost source of high quality and authentic bamboo bed sheets, silk comforters, and bamboo comforters.

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