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Maintaining and Caring for Bamboo Sheets

There are so many amazing benefits to sleeping with bamboo sheets. Not only are bamboo sheets unbelievably comfortable, naturally , and hypoallergenic, they also require very little work in maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some people since they do not know exactly how to care for bamboo sheets and assume that these incredible sheets have to be dry cleaned or receive special care in order to prevent the benefits from slowly diminishing.  However, these people will be happy to learn that this is not the case. The natural benefits of bamboo not only make one of the most comfortable sheets to sleep in, but it also creates a product that can be cared for easily and effortlessly.

One of the marvelous perks that come with the use of bamboo sheets is the fact that the bamboo helps with the regulation of the body’s temperature. This is wonderful in more ways than just one. Not only do you escape such nuisances as kicking the sheets off when you get too hot during those warm summer nights, but you also avoid the sweat that comes from overheating. Regular sheets absorb the body’s sweat and eventually will begin to develop a yellow tint with the passage of time. This is a catastrophe that will never happen with bamboo sheets. The natural bamboo fibers in bamboo sheets absorb any extra heat emitted from the body at night and helps prevent the body from sweating. Not only this, but bamboo sheets also wick moisture and will not absorb any of the natural moisture produced by the body. This is why bamboo sheets are white and will stay white the entire time that you own them (and beyond).

When it comes to washing the bamboo sheets, there are no special precautions that need to be taken. You wash the sheets the same way you would wash any other cotton or polyester fabric. Just toss the sheets into the washer on a mild cycle with any normal detergent from the store and the sheets will come out just like new. You do not need to add any bleach or any fabric softeners as bamboo sheets are already one of the softest fabrics you will ever have the pleasure of dealing with. Keep in mind when washing your sheets that fabrics will last longer when washed in cool water rather than hot. You will notice as time passes that bamboo sheets do not turn that grayish color that sometimes is seen with older white sheets that have absorbed harsh detergents.

bamboo-sheet-cozyearth Bamboo-Sheet-Cozyearth

So when it is all said and done, the effortless maintenance of bamboo sheets is just another one of the countless benefits of adding bamboo sheets to your linen closet. You will enjoy having the most undeniably luxurious bed sheets available without any additional effort.
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