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Health Benefits of a Comfortable Sleep

At Cozy Earth, our bamboo and silk bedding products are designed to help you and your loved ones get the most possible comfort out of your sleep. Our sheets and high quality comforters and pillow cases are the industry standard in comfort and relaxation, and we’ve assisted countless people with finding comfort in their sleep.

It might not be the first consideration for many people, but our products offer legitimate health benefits as well. Getting a comfortable sleep has several noted health effects – let’s take a look at some of the key factors.

Brain Function

Sleep helps the brain work properly for the upcoming day, and a comfortable sleep helps this process. On the flip side, sleep deficiency has been shown to cause several major problems with brain function, including decision-making, problem-solving and emotional control.

In teens and younger children, sleep deficiency relates directly to moodiness and difficulty getting along with others. It also leads to lower attention spans in many cases. All of these are areas which can be avoided with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Physical Health

Sleep is a vital factor in many bodily health processes, including repair of the heart and blood vessels. Issues with sleep have been linked to higher risk of everything from heart disease and high blood pressure to obesity and diabetes.

Healthy sleep, on the other hand, promotes growth and development. It helps regulate hormones related to growth, and also helps boost muscle mass and repair damaged cells. It also plays a big role in puberty and overall fertility.

Daily Activities

As a result of the above truths, productivity and daily function are reduced by lack of a comfortable sleep. Tasks like driving and operating heavy machinery, which can be dangerous under the wrong conditions, become much more difficult. We simply don’t have as much control over our motor functions when we lack sleep.


Perhaps most importantly, adequate sleep helps keep us safe during daily life. It reduces the potential for accidents caused by drowsiness or lack of attention, and decreases irritability and anger which can lead to conflict. A comfortable sleep is the basis here.

At Cozy Earth, our selection of high quality silk and bamboo sheets, comforters and pillowcases gets your night of sleep off on the right foot. Speak to our experts today about any questions you have.