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Green Facts about Organic Bamboo and Silk Fabrics

The count of people who are switching to greener modes of living is increasing day by day. And, one of the most important reasons why people are embracing living is the many benefits that it offers in a cost-effective manner.

From bamboo beddings to silk comforters, people are bringing home in every form. In case you too are one of the many who have joined the eco-friendly drive, you deserve applause for taking this small step towards a big change. For the rest of you are still thinking about giving it a shot, here are some of the green facts about bamboo and silk that you can take a look at before you finally make up your mind.


1. Bamboo, which is often confused to be a tree, is in fact a type of grass.
2. It takes just 24 hours for bamboo to grow 39 inches tall
3. Five bamboos can release 35% more oxygen than 5 trees.
4. There is a wide variety of bamboo, approximately over 1450 species.
5. Except Antarctica, every island grows bamboo.
6. Bamboo grass does not need pesticides or fertilizers to grow and is also naturally ant-fungal as well as anti-bacterial.
7. Since there are no pesticides and chemicals involves in the growth of bamboo, it is one of the most plant that can be found.
8. Edison made a light bulb using bamboo filament.
9. Alexander Graham Bell’s one discovery was a phonographic needle that was made out of bamboo.
10. There are around a billion people who live in houses made out of bamboo.

This was all about bamboo. Now, let us talk about natural or silk’s most known facts.

1. The finest of the silk is made by silk worms that live on mulberry leaves.
2. The process by which silk fiber is produced or reared is known as sericulture.
3. Organic silk can wick moisture from the air.
4. It keeps one warm in winters and cool in summers.
5. Just like bamboo, it is also averse to bacteria and fungi.

These are some of the facts about fibers such as bamboo bedding and silk sheets, which make them the perfect choice for professionals in the bedding and textile industry. The two fibers are nowadays extensively used to create comforters and beddings that promise a good life.

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