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How You Give Back When You Buy Cozy Earth's Bamboo Bedding

Did you know that when you shop at Cozy Earth, you aren’t just buying a new set of sheets or comforter? You also have the opportunity to donate to charity, at no additional cost to you!

How exactly does shopping at Cozy Earth allow you to make a free contribution? Well, whenever you make a purchase, you automatically earn Cozy Points. You can then choose to use these points to donate to any of the following organizations:

  • Malaria No More
  • Feeding America
  • Best Friends Animal Society

All three of these charities have an A rating or higher. When you donate to these programs, you know that your contributions are really making a difference. Below is some more information about each of these organizations.

Malaria No More

Over 453,000 children die from malaria every year and 90% of these deaths occur in Africa. Malaria No More is dedicated to saving these lives by eradicating this terrible disease. To accomplish this goal, this charity provides mosquito nets, medicine, and education to families in Africa.

When you donate your Cozy Points to Malaria No More, you are helping to end the fight against malaria. For example, one point essentially equals one mosquito net and this one mosquito net can save a life.

To find out more about Malaria No More, please visit their website at

Feeding America

You may be surprised to learn that 1 in 7 Americans do not have enough to eat. Feeding America is dedicated to providing life-saving food to these starving Americans. This organization has food banks across the nation and delivered over 3 billion meals last year alone.

When you donate your Cozy Points to Feeding America, you are buying meals and helping to end hunger in the United States. The table below shows exactly how many meals your points can provide.

Number of Cozy Points

Number of Meals







To find out more about Feeding America, please visit their website at

Best Friends Animal Society

More than 9,000 cats and dogs are put to sleep every day in the United States. This is because many shelters simply do not have the room or resources to care for these animals. The Best Friends Animal Society is here to change that. When you donate your Cozy Points to the Best Friends Animal Society, you are helping to provide shelter, veterinary care, food, adoption services, training, and rehabilitation for these cuddly creatures.

To find out more about the Best Friends Animal Society, please visit their website at

Cozy Points

Now that you know a little bit about each of these organizations, let’s look at how Cozy Earth’s charitable program works so you can easily maximize your contribution.

So, how do you earn Cozy Points? As you read above, you earn points whenever you make a purchase. You earn one point when you spend anywhere between $1-$100 and you earn another point for every additional $100.

For instance, say you buy a new set of bamboo sheets. In addition to your gorgeous bamboo bedding, you also earn one Cozy Point. After you complete your purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can redeem your points. Just check the box next the charity of your choice and you’re done!

Remember, participating in Cozy Earth’s charitable program is 100% voluntary. You don’t have to redeem your points if you don’t want to. Yet, when you can donate to these fantastic organizations at no additional cost to you, why wouldn’t you?