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Different Colors In Organic Bedding: What Colors Say

Organic bedding has ousted almost every other kind of bedding in the market. Umpteen benefits of these sheets and comforters make them a popular choice amongst people of all groups. From the positive effects of bamboo and silk comforters on the health of infants and grownups to the hypoallergenic properties of eco-friendly bedding, there are myriad reasons why people pick natural over synthetic.

Though every type of bedding has the same purpose, which is, adding health and wholesomeness to life, experiment with colors for making a statement. Each color conveys a different meaning. Here is some color coding decoded for those looking for bamboo bedding:


Wrapping the romance and adventure in its deep and glossy hue, red is the color to go for if you are looking to revive some spark in your relationship! From the lighter shades in red to the deeper ones, there is a range to choose from.



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An icon of environmental awareness, green is the color that makes one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Light on the eyes, green is your color if you are looking for maximum comfort.


Calm, cool and refreshing, blue is the color that you should pick in your comforters in your baby boy’s room. However, there is no hard and fast rule. You can pick this color for any other room as well.


Pink bedding looks cute and definitely has a feminine feel. You can use it in the guest room or that of your teenage daughter. This beautiful color too comes in a number of tones.



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In silk bedding, the violet hue shines in a near perfect sheen. The color is perfect for any occasion, any person and any room be that of a child or an adult. Enliven up the atmosphere with this color.

These are some of the shades that can give more meaning to the rooms that you live in. Choose the hues carefully, keeping in mind the space and interiors of your abode.

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