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  • Top 15 Socially Shared Websites About Organic and Eco-Friendly Products


    More and more people are buying products that can help them leave less of a carbon footprint on this beautiful planet, and we think bamboo bedding should be at the top of that list. Because bamboo grows so fast it is extremely eco-friendly. It can easily grow 2-3 feet in just one day, which means that less land is needed for harvesting. Most people are used to cotton bedding, but making the switch to bamboo is not just good for the environment, the extreme softness of bamboo viscose puts this type of bedding in the luxury category and will change the way you sleep.

    Although we could brag about our and “green” products all day, we found that other people had something to say about how they’ve made their lives more eco-friendly. Using a social tool we found the top 15 socially shared articles and websites about how to bulk up the in your life and make it more eco-friendly. Continue reading

  • Top 50 Lifestyle And Fine Living Blogs

    Top 50 Lifestyle And Fine Living Blogs

    It’s a world obsessed with luxuries! Unfortunately, most of us misinterpret the meaning of luxury. To splurge to the extent of inconvenience is not how you define luxury. Fine living is not about sleeping on gold mattresses. Something that doesn’t add the comfort and feel good factor to your life, is not luxury, in the real essence.

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