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Silk Bedding

  • Why Go With Silk Over Cotton?

    No matter what season it is, you want warmth and comfort from your bedding products. At Cozy Earth, our sheets and other bedding products made from silk and bamboo are the industry standard for everything from comfort to thermal capabilities.

    What separates a silk comforter from Cozy Earth from a similar cotton product you might find elsewhere? A lot, in fact.


    While cotton’s insulation properties are generally average – good in winter but often far too warm in summer months – silk’s are excellent on both ends of the temperature spectrum. In summer, silk will keep you cool with a light fabric that never feels too heavy. In winter, silk material traps heat. A dual silk comforter from Cozy Earth will keep you warmer and warmer through the night as the air around you gets colder.


    Cotton absorbs moisture more effectively than silk, but in the case of bedding, this is actually a bad thing. As you sleep, cotton bedding will actually absorb too much moisture in many cases, and can commonly lead to dry skin issues.

    Silk, on the other hand, is the perfect happy balance. It will wick enough moisture to keep you from feeling damp or waking up, but it leaves you with softer and smoother skin in the morning when you wake up.


    Silk is one of the most comfortable fabrics in the world, with extreme comfort guaranteed.


    Silk materials are designed using threads that are very close together, and this makes it very difficult for allergens like dust and pollen to embed themselves in your bedding. Cotton doesn’t have these properties, and especially with low thread count cotton, people with allergy concerns are at much higher risk of a flare-up due to bedding.


    Know how you always wake up with tangled and messy hair? This won’t completely subside with our silk pillows, but it will definitely be reduced: It’s friction with bedding that causes these issues in many cases, but the softness and smoothness of silk causes hair to glide over it instead of rubbing against it. This can have a legitimate effect on lessening split hair ends and other damaging hair effects.

    Not convinced yet? Talk to one of our friendly customer service professionals at Cozy Earth, and we’ll show you why the switch to bamboo or cotton will make such a difference for you.

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