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Bamboo Bedding

  • The Top 5 Wedding Presents

    Wedding season is finally here and that means you’ll probably have at least one or two marriages to attend this summer. So, what should you give the handsome groom and blushing bride?

    Well, the best wedding gift is something that the lovebirds wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. After all, most newlyweds are just starting out and are so focused on the bare essentials that they forget to register for anything fun or exciting. By going beyond the basics and giving them something of quality, something that will truly help them turn their house into a home, you will be able to show your loved ones how thrilled you are about their marriage.

    To help you find the perfect present, here are five great gift ideas from Cozy Earth.

    Organic Bamboo Bedding

    Premium bamboo bedding is a wonderful present because it is the perfect blend of practicality and luxury. Everyone could use a new set of sheets and the sumptuous fibers of bamboo will make the sweethearts feel like they’re royalty.

    One of the best perks of buying bamboo bedding is that you pick a gift that fits your budget. If you’re looking for a present for your favorite niece, you could splurge and buy her a gorgeous bamboo comforter. If you’re budget is more mid-range, you could buy bamboo sheets, or if you’re just starting out yourself, you could give the couple a cozy bamboo blanket to cuddle under. No matter which gift you choose, the bride and groom will love the soft, breathable fabric of bamboo.

    The best place to buy bamboo bedding is Cozy Earth of course! Don’t believe us? Then read Bamboo Bed Sheets: Why Choose Cozy Earth to discover why Cozy Earth is the best.

    Crystal Tumblers

    Next on our list is another delightful addition to any home: crystal tumblers. Newlyweds hardly ever have much money, so they would never splurge and buy themselves elegant drinkware. However, they’ll be sure to pull them out for special occasions (like they’re first anniversary!) or even to turn a normal Tuesday night into a romantic evening. Either way, they’ll remember you fondly whenever they see their stunning crystal tumblers.

    Bed, Bath, and Beyond has an unbelievable selection of crystal tumblers for you to choose from.

    Decorative Vase

    A picturesque vase is another decorative item that a young couple will rarely remember on their registry. Yet, a vase with some fresh flowers easily transforms even the tiniest of apartments to a bright and sunny home.

    One caveat, look for a vase that has a simple design so that it can go with any décor. Glass or crystal vases are a good option and look lovely in any room. You can find fantastic vases at Macy’s.

    Candlestick Holders

    The new husband and wife can’t have a beautiful, candle lit dinner without candles! So, give them the gift of romance by sending them candlestick holders. Just like the crystal tumblers and decorative vase, a pair of candlestick holders can make your loved ones feel like they’re living a life of luxury.

    To find stunning candlestick holders, browse the wide selection at Pier 1 Imports.

    Framed Engagement/Wedding Photo

    Last, but not least, on our list is a framed picture of the happy couple. An engagement photo (or if you can wait, a wedding photo) is a particularly good choice. Like we’ve said before, newlyweds don’t have a lot of spare change for decorating, so giving them a personalized gift that they can hang on their wall will instantly make their new home feel like their own!

    One of the best places to have a picture printed and framed is mpix. They produce professional quality photos while still being reasonably priced.

    What were some of your favorite gifts you received for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

  • How to Organize Your Linen Closet

    It’s that time of year again – it’s time to start spring cleaning. As such, it’s probably the one time of year where you actually take the time to organize your linen closet. It has been spirally into a giant ball of fabric for months and you’re probably dreading even opening the door.

    To help you out of this mess, here are 6 tips from Cozy Earth on how to organize your linen closet so it will stay organized all year long.

    Purge, Purge, Purge

    Linen closets tend to be located in small niches wherever the architect could conveniently fit them into the layout of the house. As a result, they’re rarely built to actually accommodate a full linen set. That’s why you really need to purge your linen closet and only keep the items that you need and love.

    So, go ahead and toss your old, holy sheets! You don’t need them anymore! After finally donating or giving away all your junk, you might even be able to reward yourself with a beautiful new set of organic sheets. ;)

    Think Outside the Closet

    Additionally, you don’t need to put all your linens in your specially designated linen closet. Be creative and keep harder to store items in the rooms where they are actually used. For instance, have a spot in each bedroom closet for extra pillows rather than shoving them into your teeny tiny linen closet. Store your guest sheets and bedding in the guest room. Keep your kids extra blankets in a bin under their bed.

    Add Shelf Dividers

    One of the biggest problems with linen closets is that everything tends to tip over. Your sheets end up tangled up together and your beautiful silk comforter is a crumpled heap on the top shelf.

    To avoid this problem, add shelf divers to create little cubby holes for all your linens. This will infinitely increase the stability of your linen closet, which will keep it more organized in the long run.

    Label Everything

    Once you have a spot for all your linens, label each shelf accordingly. That way no matter who ends up putting the laundry away, they will know exactly where everything goes. Plus, you won’t have to try to remember your organizational system when next year’s spring cleaning rolls around – You’ll already have it laid out!

    Use Space Bags

    Store the items that you rarely use or only use seasonally in space bags in the back or top of your closet. Space bags are phenomenal at maximizing your space and keeping your linens fresh. It’s a fairly well-known tip, but still worth mentioning.

    Keep Kids Linens Down Low

    This last tip is for those of you who have kids. Use gravity to your advantage and keep the items your children are most likely to pull out on the bottom shelf. Then, keep the linens they’ll never think to touch (like their bedroom sheets) on the higher selves that are at adult eye level. That way, when they go to grab their favorite blanket, they won’t take your entire linen closet down with it.

    If you want to discover more household tips from Cozy Earth, check out Caring for Your Bamboo Comforter.

  • How Bamboo Bedding Relieves Allergies

    Monday morning rolls around and you drag yourself out of bed. Your ears feel like they’re stuffed full of cotton and your nose is a disgusting dripping mess. A bird is squawking just outside your window, aggravating your already pounding headache. As you stumble into the bathroom, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror; a bedraggled wretch with red, puffy eyes stares straight back you. Ugh, how are you ever going to get ready for work in time?

    Now imagine a world where you didn’t wake up exhausted, already dreading the day.

    Instead, sumptuously soft sheets surround you. You breathe in deeply, inhaling the fresh morning air. As you open your eyes, you feel refreshed and wide awake. You sit up and stretch, pausing for a moment to enjoy the sweet, docile notes of a songbird drifting towards you. You hop out of bed and head straight to the kitchen to pour yourself a nice refreshing glass of orange juice. Ah, just another perfect start to another perfect day.

    What’s the difference between these two scenarios? In the first version, our scruffy sleeper slept on cheap cotton sheets. In the second, they snoozed soundly with organic bamboo bedding.

    You’re probably thinking, “Yeah right, there’s no way a different set of sheets can make that much of a difference.” However, organic sheets actually can help you start your day recharged and refreshed for one reason – they relieve allergies and allergies are what are keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep.

    Cheap Cotton Sheets – Why They Wreak Havoc on Your Allergies

    Think about it. Cheap cotton sheets are almost always treated with harsh chemicals and dyes. For example, many sheets are treated with formaldehyde to prevent wrinkles. Do you really want to be snuggling up to a bed coated with formaldehyde, the same chemical used to preserve frogs?

    Additionally, cotton is extremely absorbent. That means all of your sweat and bodily oils become trapped within the fibers of cotton bedding. They just sit there, becoming the perfect home for dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens.

    As soon as your head hits your pillow, you start breathing all of those chemicals and allergens in. Every breath you take stuffs your nose up more and more, as your body tries desperately to prevent those foreign substances from invading. Eventually, your body’s immune responses kick and force you to sneeze or cough to expel those tiny terrors.

    If you are repeatedly jarred awake by your coughing or sneezing, of course you’re going to wake up exhausted. If you can’t even breathe properly throughout the night, then of course you’re going to wake with a headache, hating the day.

    Organic Bamboo Sheets – Why They Relieve Your Allergies

    So, how does Cozy Earth bedding relieve allergies?

    First, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. Very few people are allergic to bamboo while more people than you might realize are sensitive to cotton.

    Secondly, Cozy Earth bedding is free from harsh chemicals and dyes. From seed to sheet, we never use harsh chemicals or dyes to treat our bamboo. For example, we never spray our bamboo with pesticides since bamboo doesn’t need it! Bamboo has an enzyme called bamboo-kun that naturally repels pests and fungi. Cotton, on the other hand, is notorious for its wide-spread pesticide use.

    Third and finally, bamboo repels common allergens such as dust mites. How? Well, bamboo bedding isn’t absorbent and wicks moisture away from your bed twice as fast as cotton. This incredible wicking ability reduces the moisture in your bed by 50%. This drastic drop in water creates an inhospitable environment for dust mites (and bacteria!) because like all living things, they need water to survive.

    In summary, bamboo sheets and an organic comforter will help you to sleep more soundly since they significantly reduce your allergies. With bamboo bedding, you never need to worry about having an allergic reaction to the material or breathing in harsh chemicals. You don’t even need to worry about sharing your bed with dust mites! So, why not try Cozy Earth bedding today and make your Mondays just a little bit easier.

    If you want to discover more about the health benefits of bamboo, check out our blog, How Bamboo Bedding Helps You Sleep Better.

  • 3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom this Spring

    Are you tired of staring at your dreary decorating? Then here are 3 simple and easy ways to drastically update the décor of your bedroom this spring.

    Swap Out Your Bedding

    As the focal point of the room, your bed is the best place to start redecorating. Therefore, swapping out your bedding will completely transform the look of your room. For a fresh, clean look this spring, invest in a luxurious white comforter and sheets. A crisp, clean white always looks outstanding and adds a light, airy feel to a room.

    Scared to spend money on white bedding? Then buy bamboo sheets and a bamboo comforter! Bamboo isn’t absorbent so it will never gray or yellow over time. Additionally, this organic bedding is stain-resistant and easy wash, which means your gorgeous bedding will stay wonderfully white for years to come.

    To discover just how long your organic bamboo bedding can last, check out our blog, How Long Do Bamboo Sheets Last?

    Create a Graphic Feature Wall

    If you go with simple white bedding, you can easily create a graphic feature wall behind the head of your bed without your décor becoming too busy. The solid white bedding will make your feature wall pop in contrast, creating a dramatic effect.

    Creating a graphic feature wall might sound intimidating and complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Geometric wallpaper is the easiest way to create this effect. If you want to do it yourself, here is a step-by-step guide on how to hang wallpaper.

    Is wallpaper not really your cup of tea? Don’t worry, you can simplify this project even further by avoiding the graphic design altogether. Instead, paint your feature wall in an accent color of your choice to still create a dramatic pop against your white bedding.

    Change Your Light Fixture

    Light fixtures are one of the most overlooked decorating choices. However, they can dramatically change the tone of a room. To being with, a new light fixture can literally bring more light to your bedroom and more light always makes a room feel brighter and more welcoming.

    Secondly, the style of your light fixture indicates whether your room is elegant, modern, or rustic. For example, a crystal chandelier suggests a more traditional tone while a light fixture made from antlers is obviously more rustic. As you can see, a light fixture can add a lot of character to a room.

    To change the light fixture in your bedroom, follow these instructions from Lowe’s.

    What other simple and easy ways have you drastically updated your decorating? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

  • Bed Bugs: Real-Life Vampires

    Nocturnal and nearly impossible to kill, these demons emerge from the shadows with one goal in mind: they want to drink your blood.

    No, they’re not vampires – they’re bed bugs. Bed bugs are almost worse than vampires for a few reasons.

    • First off, they’re real.
    • Second, you almost never catch them in the act. Their saliva contains an anesthetic that numbs your skin before they sink they’re metaphorical fangs into you. Consequently, it often takes a long time to realize that you have bed bugs.
    • Third and finally, it’s extremely difficult to kill every single bed bug. They are exceptional at hiding and they can live over a year without feeding. If even one or two escape your extermination efforts, you’ll just have another full-blown infestation again in a couple months.

    Since bed bug infestations are hard to eradicate, the best approach is prevention. So, how do you protect your home from these little devils? Crosses and holy water obviously won’t work. To answer that question, here are 3 quick and easy tips from Cozy Earth on how to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home.

    1. Don’t Bring Them Home

    Most people bring bed bugs home after a trip. To prevent bringing these pests home with you, inspect your hotel room upon arrival. Take a flashlight and carefully scan the bed frame, box spring, and mattress. You’ll most likely find these small, flat, red bugs in etchings on the bed frame or in the cracks of the sideboards.

    If you discover that your hotel room has bed bugs, notify the hotel immediately and request a different room. When you arrive back home, don’t put your suitcase on your bed to unpack. In fact, don’t carry it into the house at all. Keep it in the garage while you grab a garbage bag to put it in. Take out all your clothes and immediately wash them in hot water. Finally, toss some no-pest strips into the garbage bag with your suitcase and seal it up. Let the strips fumigate your suitcase for at least two weeks before bringing it into the house.

    While some of these steps seem extreme, taking fifteen minutes to inspect your hotel room and properly disinfecting your suitcase will save you months of battling a full-blown infestation.

    1. Cut Down on the Clutter

    Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t just infest filthy homes. They can live in homes that are spotless by hiding in the cracks of furniture and even behind baseboards. However, keeping your floors clear and clutter-free will give them far fewer places to hide.

    Also, make your bed and make sure your bed skirt doesn’t touch the floor. By keeping fabrics from trailing onto the floor, you prevent bed bugs from using your bedding as a ladder to climb up into your bed. That only leaves the bed posts as access points, which you can protect by placing bed bug traps around them.

    1. Buy Bamboo Sheets

    The last tip on our list is to buy bamboo sheets. This tip is a little surprising, we know. How will bamboo sheets prevent bed bugs anyway?

    Well, the natural enzymes in bamboo naturally repel bed bugs, discouraging them from climbing into bed with you. Additionally, bamboo doesn’t have sticky microcosms like cotton and polyester (Bed bugs love to reproduce in the microcosms of cotton and polyester sheets). By turning your bed into an inhospitable environment form these tiny terrors, this bedding significantly reduces the chances of a bed bug outbreak.

    So, where can you find the best bamboo sheets? At Cozy Earth, of course! Browse our wide selection of gorgeous bamboo bedding at and protect your home from bed bugs today!

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