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Baby Bedding

  • Get Rid of Night Sweats Once and For All

    You’re tossing and turning, trapped in between sleep and wakefulness. The oppressive air stifles you; you try to breathe in more deeply, desperate for oxygen, but you’re stuck in the shallow breaths of turbulent sleep.

    Finally, you jerk out of your slumber, gasping into consciousness. Your bed feels like a sauna and you are soaked in sweat. You desperately kick off the covers, flip your damp pillow, and roll over. The dull green glow of your alarm clock shines in the darkness – it’s 3:14 a.m.

    As you try to fall back asleep, the cool night air causes you to shiver just a little bit. Yet, it’s almost refreshing after that sinister heat. Sighing, you close your eyes and drift back into your dreams.

    Suddenly, you’re wide awake again. Your body can’t stop shivering, it’s so cold. You snatch your comforter back off the floor and bundle up as fast as you can. Glancing at your alarm clock, you see it’s 4:58 a.m. Groaning, you burrow deeper into your bed, grumbling as you slam your eyes shut. When your alarm obnoxiously buzzes a couple of hours later, the bags under your eyes couldn’t be deeper and you’re soaked in sweat again.

    If the scenario above sounds like you, then you are overheating when you should be sleeping, or in other words, you are suffering from night sweats. So, how do you end your night sweats once and for all? Switch to bamboo bed sheets and an organic comforter of course!

    By investing in beautiful bamboo bedding, you will never overheat again. How is that possible? Well, 100% premium bamboo fabric is extraordinarily breathable. In fact, bamboo wicks moisture away twice as fast as cotton. That means that as soon as you start becoming too warm and your body starts sweating, your bamboo sheets wicks that moisture away. Since your sweat evaporates as it’s intended to, your body is able to naturally cool down and you stay at the perfect temperature all night long.

    Therefore, if you don’t wake up repeatedly throughout the night from overheating, then your quality of sleep dramatically improves. If your quality of sleep dramatically improves, then so will your health.

    Don’t believe us? Then check out Health Benefits of a Comfortable Sleep and discover four ways a good night’s sleep can help you live a better life.

    So, are you ready to have the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had? Then browse Cozy Earth’s wide selection of organic bamboo bedding and get rid of your night sweats today!

  • Beautiful Bedding for Your Baby

    Are you looking for beautiful bedding for your baby? Then try Cozy Earth’s bamboo baby blanket and crib sheets! Cozy Earth’s bamboo bedding has everything you’d ever want from your baby’s bedding, namely:

    • They’re super soft, perfect for your sweetheart’s sensitive skin.
    • They’re stain resistant, which is a life-saver for all those little messes.
    • They’re exceptionally durable and long lasting so you can use them for more than one kid!

    Soft on Sensitive Skin

    When you’re searching for the perfect bedding for your little one, the first thing you look for is that it’s soft. You want your baby’s blanket to be soft, snuggly, and warm, not rough and scratchy of course! After all, you don’t want anything to aggravate your newborn’s sensitive skin, especially something they sleep on all the time.

    Fortunately, bamboo is one of the softest fabrics out there. Bamboo’s smooth, plush fibers are so soft that you won’t believe how you and your baby could have ever slept on anything else.

    Its soft texture isn’t the only way bamboo is good for your baby’s skin. Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, making it the healthiest bedding for your baby to snooze on. With crib sheets and a bamboo baby blanket, you never have to worry about your baby having an allergic reaction to their bedding.

    To discover more about how bedding soothes your baby’s skin, read 3 Ways Bamboo Bedding Will Help Your Baby's Sensitive Skin.

    Stain Resistant

    In addition to being soft on sensitive skin, bamboo bedding is surprisingly stain resistant. In the opinion of many mothers, this is bamboo’s best quality. Babies are a little messy (to say the least) and bamboo’s ability to repel the constant onslaught of spit up, spilled milk, and leaky diapers is miraculous.

    So, how is this bedding able to resist the attacks of day-to-day life when others cannot?

    Well, bamboo fibers are unabsorbent. Instead of soaking up the liquids and bodily fluids previously mentioned, bamboo keeps these liquids on the surface. In comparison, cotton soaks up everything, right down to the core of every fiber. As you can imagine, it’s much easier to wash out a surface stain than it is to wash out one that’s soaked all the way through.

    Long Lasting

    Lastly, bamboo baby bedding is exceptionally durable. In fact, it can last up to 15 years if cared for properly. This means you could actually use your bamboo crib sheets for your first, second, and even third child if you wanted to. This incredible lifespan makes sense considering that bamboo doesn’t stain easily. After all, discoloration and unattractive stains are the first sign that it’s time to swap out your bedding.

    However, being unabsorbent isn’t the only way bamboo stretches its lifespan. Premium bamboo is also extremely strong and bamboo reeds are even stronger than steel. Just imagine how strong the fibers are once it’s turned into bedding! This strength, along with Cozy’s proprietary blend and weaving technique, ensures that bamboo bedding will never pill or tear under normal use.

    Since bamboo is so strong and durable, a bamboo baby blanket is the perfect companion for your sweetheart. As we all know, small children can be a little hard on bedding; toddlers tend to drag their favorite blanket with them everywhere they go and you need something that can go the distance with them.

    In summary, bamboo bedding is soft on your baby’s sensitive skin, stain resistant, and long lasting. Its soft fibers soothe your angel’s sensitive skin, repel any liquids it comes into contact with, and have the strength to last for years. If you want super soft bedding that you’ll be able to use again and again, try Cozy Earth’s bamboo baby blanket and crib sheets today!

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