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How to Care For Bamboo Bed Sheets

Not only are bamboo bed sheets the most comfortable sleeping material around, the product itself is incredibly versatile and useful. Bamboo interacts with the environment in different ways than other common fabrics, and holds several specific benefits outside the realm of sleep comfort alone.

What this also means, though, is that cleaning and caring for bamboo sheets is a different process than many other linens. High quality bamboo bedding products such as those found at Cozy Earth are meant to last and remain useful for years, but failure to properly maintain them could lower the shelf life and lessen the quality. Let’s look at a few simple tips for caring for bamboo bedding products.

What is Bamboo?

First off, a basic knowledge of some of bamboo’s key properties gives you a solid baseline. Bamboo is similar in softness to a product like silk, only with several advantages in certain care and preventative areas.

One of bamboo’s most attractive properties is natural moisture wicking: It doesn’t hold moisture for as long as most products. Bamboo is also a well-ventilated product on both ends of the temperature spectrum – it stays cool during summer but warm and dry during the winter. Many bamboo products are also anti-microbial and can resist typical odors.

In addition, for those who want to source their products from environmentally conscious sources, bamboo is perfect. It’s a sustainably grown product which can be harvested without the use of harmful pesticides. At Cozy Earth, we take pride in providing a product that’s both so useful and so environmentally friendly.


Like most sheets, bamboo bedding (including your bamboo pillow case) should be washed before its first use. Use cold water and a relatively gentle wash cycle, and look for eco-friendly detergents to help retain the soft feel of your sheets. Washing with like colors is preferred. For maximum lifespan, some people choose to hand wash their bamboo products to strain them less, but this is not required.


There are a few particular kinds of additives you’ll want to stay away from when caring for your bamboo products, mainly because they can damage or stress the fabric. A few examples:

  • Bleach
  • Acids (vinegar is a good example)
  • Brightening detergents or detergents based with hydrogen peroxide


Using a dryer for bamboo sheets is fine, but where possible it’s better to allow them to air dry on a clothes line. If you do need to use a normal dryer, use gentle, low-heat settings and make sure to get your sheets out of the dryer as soon as they’re dry enough to come out (this helps with wrinkles). For ironing, use low-steam settings only.

Want to learn more about this or any other bamboo or silk bedding products? Contact us at Cozy Earth today.