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Bamboo vs. Silk

Bamboo and silk are both incredible options if you’re looking for high-quality bedding. They’re equal in almost every way. For example, they both only use the best materials and are exceptionally well-made, making them the two softest and smoothest bed sets available today. Yet, is one better than the other? More importantly, which one is right for you? To help you answer these questions, the pros and cons of each are listed below.

Bamboo Bedding

Are you looking for a bed set that is both luxurious and practical? Then bamboo is the choice for you. Bamboo is ideal for those looking for this balance because this material gives you the most value for your money.


So, how does bamboo maximize your investment? Well, a bamboo bed set gives you the most value for three reasons:

  • First, it is luxurious without being overly expensive.
  • Second, it is easy to care for and clean.
  • Third, it is surprisingly durable.

Since bamboo is comparable to silk in texture, it is extraordinarily luxurious bedding. However, bamboo does not cost as much as silk because it is much easier to harvest. Since bamboo is a grass, it grows at a shockingly fast pace and can therefore be harvested quickly and sustainably. In fact, some species of bamboo have been known to grow 35 inches in one day! In contrast, it takes over 12,000 cocoons to make one silk comforter and each of these cocoons has to be spun by one silkworm. With such a discrepancy in how difficult it is to harvest the material, it’s no wonder that bamboo is less expensive than silk.

In addition to being cheaper, bamboo is easy to care for and clean. For example, this bedding essentially takes care of itself because it is unabsorbent. This means that it is stain-resistant and it will never discolor over time. Moreover, bamboo is washable. If it does get dirty, all you have to do is throw it into your washing machine and it’s as good as new.

Finally, bamboo is durable. Even after multiple washes, bamboo bedding still looks brand new. In fact, 100% bamboo sheets can still look clean and crisp after 15 years! To discover how this bedding lasts so long, read our blog  post on how long bamboo sheets last.


All of these practical qualities make bamboo a wonderful choice. Yet, what are the disadvantages to this cozy bedding? Well, some argue that bamboo isn’t quite as luxurious as silk. While it is surprisingly smooth, especially in comparison to cotton, bamboo isn’t as smooth as silk. However, even the critics agree that bamboo is still an amazing option for high-quality bedding. As a matter of fact, many people dislike how slippery silk is and actually prefer that bamboo is smooth without being too smooth.

Silk Bedding

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little grander than bamboo, something that really shines with sophistication and style. If this sounds like you, try a mulberry silk comforter and sumptuous silk sheets. As the king of lavish comfort, silk enhances your elegant décor by infusing it with a regal air. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages to this majestic silk bedding?


The first and most obvious advantage of silk is that it is well-established as a luxury item. Kings and queens have coveted silk through the ages and no one can argue that it’s not a superior material. The smooth texture of silk is legendary and its plush fibers make this bedding unbelievably soft. It’s also surprisingly strong, making it a very durable and reliable fabric.

In addition to being superior material, silk also has some lesser known qualities. For instance, did you know that silk discourages dust mites from living in your bed? It’s true. To explain, you first need to know that silk is extremely efficient at wicking away moisture from your bed. By significantly reducing the amount of water in your bed, silk reduces the number of dust mites because dust mites, like all living things, need water to survive. No water equals no dust mites. However, you should know that bamboo also has this astonishing quality. It’s just that silk is slightly better at discouraging dust mites than bamboo.


On the other hand, there are a couple of drawbacks to silk. As you might have guessed, there is a price that comes with being the king of luxury. Most silk comforters and silk sheets have a hefty price tag. Then again, you can find silk bedding on sale to counteract this disadvantage.

The second drawback is that silk can be a little high-maintenance. Unlike bamboo bedding, you can’t toss silk into the washing machine. It needs to be professionally cleaned in order to last as long as bamboo.

Yet, there is a simple way you can extend the life of your silk comforter; protect it with a duvet cover. A duvet cover prevents your silk comforter from dirt and oil, eliminating the need to clean it. As a result, your silk bed set lasts much longer and can even rival the durability of bamboo.

In summary, both bamboo and silk are excellent options if you’re looking for high-quality bedding. The choice really depends on your personal preference. Now that you know the pros and cons to each, which one are you going to choose?