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Bamboo and Silk Bedding: Why Go Organic With

Researchers at Harvard’s School of Public Health tag the toxic chemical content in the surrounding as "silent pandemics." From your clothes to your bedding to your curtains and even the carpets are the hiding homes of all these silent pandemics. Most synthetic and unnatural material is. Since there is a large amount of toxic chemicals in synthetic/artificial items, you can call them slow poisons or silent killers.

Do You Have An Option?

Yes, you do! Switching to way of life is the only way in which you can keep yourself and everything around you free of the toxins and poisons that are currently eating into you.

Going Organic – Why?

There is a new type of economy emerging and this one is focused at ‘green development’. The green wave is the only to kill the harmful things that these chemicals cause.

Since many components of ordinary mattresses — even very expensive models — use petro-chemical products and other synthetic materials in their construction, padding, covers, or fire retardant, these materials can cause allergic reactions for people who are chemically sensitive, and can certainly disrupt a good night’s sleep.

The Good Points About Going Organic

The benefits of going are many. Here is collection of some good points about going that make it an investment worth making. To begin with, bedding offers:

1. Freedom from allergies.
2. Is soft on sensitive skin.
3. Absorbs moisture from the air and surroundings.
4. Promises freedom from hot flashes.
5. Offers comfort and care as well as health benefits for pregnant women.
6. Organic silk ensures young and wrinkle free skin.
7. Is bed bug resistant.
8. Is hypoallergenic in nature and thus great for those suffering from asthma.

So What Makes Organic Bedding So Awesome

Bamboo that is used in making bedding is a grass and not a tree. Moreover, it does not require any pesticides or fertilizers for growing. Therefore, it is absolutely in nature. Similarly, silk or call it mulberry silk, is made by silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. The process of making silk out of these leaves is awe inspiring. Both these materials are absolutely natural. That is what makes them so AWESOME!

Buy Them Where?

You can buy an comforter or bed sheet from anywhere that you like. But first, research online about the quality that will fit your needs and budget.

“Save the Planet...Buy Organic”
― Nancy Philips

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