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Bamboo and Its Many Productive Talents

bamboo forestThere is an ancient saying in Asian that goes something like this: “A man is born in a bamboo cradle and goes away in a bamboo coffin. Everything in between is possible with bamboo!”

Nature is usually never wrong (or is at least a force to be reckoned with), and so much of this saying is true. Right now, you can find everything from edible bamboo shoots and medicine created from this remarkably eco-friendly plant to flooring materials and furniture as well as the softest fabric that this green earth can produce. Simply put, bamboo is a plant that should absolutely be on everyone’s radar.

The production of bamboo in today’s world is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the applications of this amazing plant are still in our future. If you are a contributor to making this world a cleaner and more “green” place to live, you’ll be happy to know that bamboo can be a huge accomplice in such efforts.

Let’s take a closer look at how this remarkably sustainable material has given us a wide range of earth-friendly products.

Forestry/Green Friendly Plant

Among many of the marvelous benefits that bamboo brings to our world, the most important one is that it is eco-friendly, or “green.” Here are some of the ways that it delivers some very environmentally friendly features:

  • Bamboo is a natural CO2 sequestration plant
  • Bamboo leaves provide a full leafy coverage of the soil, which protects the ground from the rain, which in turn helps with erosion control
  • Bamboo naturally stabilizes soil
  • Bamboo leaves create a natural windbreak and sound screen

Bamboo in the Wood Industry

Bamboo is often overlooked when it comes to wood building materials. Most people are only familiar with the lumber of red oak trees as part of their home building plans, but the regrowth of red oaks can take years, which means any harvesting can cause long term problems for the environment.

Bamboo is grown in abundance in many parts of the world and has a great antibacterial component. It is also water resistant, which plays a big part in the construction of bamboo flooring and bedding. Bamboo flooring can resist water damage and bamboo bedding can whisk away moisture from those hot sweaty-summer nights. These materials make our lives more eco-friendly and comfortable.

Bamboo is a very sustainable plant, well… specifically it is a grass, but it has been used in a wide range of goods from building materials for construction purposes, to soft and dreamy materials made for clothing and bedding.

So, what is the best use of bamboo?

The greatest trend in this extraordinarily versatile plant has to be the amazingly soft and wearable, but also sleep-in-able, materials that it produces. From the highest quality of clothing to the coziest of bed sheets, when it come to bedding, bamboo provides the best, the softest, comfiest, most dream-worthy bedding material available. Bamboo bedding has all the qualities of this oh-so-adaptable plant. The luxuriousness that it creates for your nightly slumbers cannot be beat. The softness and embrace of bamboo bedding is like no other.

So, whether you are looking for an incredibly durable type of plant to remodel your kitchen floor, sculpt a classic-modern-living room chair, or enhance your extravagantly Zzz-worthy nights of slumber, bamboo is the best choice.