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  • 4 Ways to Get Better Sleep

    Do you dream of waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed, smiling as the morning light flutters across your room? In reality, do you wake up in a haze, dragging yourself out of bed and resenting the harsh glare of the sun? If so, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep, or if you are, you’re not getting a good quality of sleep.

    So, what can you do to change that? Well, here are four ways you can improve your sleep and wake up with the energy you need to take on the day. Continue reading

  • Live a Greener Life with Organic Bamboo Bedding

    Movies like “Bee Movie” and “WALL-E,” show that our society is becoming more environmentally aware. We have realized that it is our responsibility to be the caretakers of the earth rather than just consumers of it. Yet, most of us live busy lives and we don’t have time to own a beehive or clean up a landfill. So, what are a few simple ways we can change and live a greener life? Well, one way is to swap out your old bedding for organic bamboo bedding!
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  • Organic Living and Its Many Benefits: A Curated Explanation

    The world is getting more conscious day by day. Though research and development had been polluting and exploiting the environment and ripping it off its natural resources, communities that understand the importance of ‘going back to basics’ has pushed organic living and promoted natural in a way that people from around the world are working towards bettering their own lives as well as conserving the environs. Take for example the advocates of organic living.

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  • Top 5 Tips to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

    Comfortable and restful sleep is not possible without a comfortable and cozy bed. However, most of the times people fail to make themselves a nice bed that is required for them to get a restful sleep. The point here is that the ‘definition’ of comfortable is not the same for everyone.

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