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Organic Bedding

  • How to Make Your Home Green in 2017

    Happy New Year! In addition to all the parties and holiday cheer, it’s the time of year where you start thinking of all the goals you want to accomplish.

    You could go with the usual goals of exercising more and eating healthier, but no – you want to do something more. You want to make a real and substantial change in your life and the world around you. You want to live a more environmentally conscious life and it wouldn’t hurt to save a little money at the same time.

    You’re probably thinking, “Wait, I want to do what now?” While these are lofty goals, they’re actually easier to accomplish than the traditional New Year’s goals of exercising more and eating healthier.

    With exercising and eating healthier, you have to go to the gym day after day and resist eating that second serving of that dessert time after time. With living a greener life and keeping a little green in your wallet, you just have to make a few one-time changes and you’re good for the rest of the year.

    What do you need to do in 2017 to be financially and environmentally savvy? The best place to start is in your home. Here are 4 easy ways you can make your home more environmentally friendly and help your piggy bank to grow.

    1. Adjust the Temperature of Your Hot Water Heater

    The first way to live a greener life takes less than a minute and costs you absolutely nothing – turn down the temperature on your hot water heater. By turning down the temperature, you avoid scalding yourself in the shower and save energy.

    For example, most hot water heaters are set to 140°F. However, the Department of Energy recommends that you reduce the temperature to 120°F. According to The Simple Dollar, you reduce your energy costs by about 10% if you follow this recommendation. While this isn’t a huge decrease, you’ll still save around $20 every year with this one easy trick.

    1. Replace Your Lightbulbs

    The next few items on our list require a trip to the hardware store, but will save you significantly more than $20.

    Let’s start with replacing your lightbulbs, particularly with replacing all of your old incandescent lightbulbs with light emitting diode (LED) lights. According to, LED lights use 75-80% less energy than traditional lightbulbs while still producing the same amount of light. Additionally, they last 25 times longer than incandescent lights.

    So, what are the drawbacks? Well, LED lights tend to cost more initially. Incandescent lightbulbs cost about 1 dollar each while LED lightbulbs cost between 5-8 dollars. However, they actually save you money in the long run because they use less energy and have a long lifespan.

    For example, the lifespan of an LED lightbulb is 25,000 hours. At $0.12 per kWh, you would spend $30 on energy costs during the lifespan of an LED light. In contrast, an incandescent lightbulb only lasts around 1,000 hours. Aside from the cost of replacing that lightbulb 25 times, you would spend $180 on energy costs for an incandescent light. In other words, using an LED light saves you $150 on energy costs in the long run.

    1. Swap out Your Shower Head

    Next, swap out your shower head for a low-flow shower head. A low-flow shower head reduces that amount of water you use per minute. For example, most shower heads use 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm). By using a shower head that uses .5 gallons less, you can save 2,900 gallons of water. While that’s only $25 a year, you’re significantly increasing your water conservation by switching to a low-flow shower head.

    Nowadays, most hardware stores carry 2.0 gpm shower heads, but these eco shower heads tend to cost more. However, you can find eco-friendly shower heads online that range from 0.5-2.0 gpm and only cost between $10-30. By making this small investment now, you could save $625 over the next 25 years.

    1. Change Your Sheets

    The final way you can live an eco-friendly lifestyle this New Year is by changing your sheets, specifically changing to organic bamboo sheets. By investing in these luxuriously soft sheets, you support an industry that strives to protect the environment, not destroy it.

    For example, bamboo never needs to be treated with pesticides because it is naturally resistant to disease and most insects. In contrast, cotton (the traditional material for bedding) is extremely pesticide intensive. It is treated with 16-25% more pesticides than any other crop in the world.

    Additionally, Cozy Earth bamboo is never treated with harsh dyes or chemicals, further reducing pollution and protecting the earth. By choosing high-quality bamboo bedding like Cozy Earth’s organic sheets, you are reducing your carbon footprint and making the world a greener place to live.

    As with most of our tips above, there is some upfront cost to making this eco-conscious switch. However, a set of premium bamboo sheets can last up to 15 years if cared for properly. In comparison, cheap cotton sheets only last a year or two at most. That means you need to replace them over and over again, essentially throwing your money away year after year.

    By following the tips above, you conserve energy and water. Additionally, you reduce your overall carbon footprint while sleeping in luxury. Meanwhile, you’re saving money and watching your wallet grow. So, are you ready to make the switch to a greener lifestyle and leave more green in your wallet this New Year?

  • The Best Organic Gift Ideas for Christmas

    Christmas is an almost magical time. Snowflakes drift softly through the air. Lights twinkle on the rooftops. Beautifully wrapped presents pile up under the tree and the smell of hot chocolate wafts gently through the air. How could life be any better?

    However, this idyllic picture of Christmas doesn’t happen by itself. Christmas morning takes a lot of thought and preparation. In fact, finding all of the gifts to put under the tree can be the most stressful part of the holiday season.

    For instance, finding the perfect present can be a little tricky, especially if you’re shopping for something organic. To take some of the stress out of shopping, we’ve compiled a list below of the best organic gifts your loved ones will love this Christmas.

    1. Organic Bamboo Sheets

    One of the best organic gifts you can give this year is a beautiful set of bamboo bed sheets. While sheets may not be the first thing you think of, these organic sheets let you have the best of both worlds by being both luxurious and practical.

    For example, bamboo is surprisingly soft and silky smooth. This is because premium bamboo sheets are only made from the best materials using the best techniques. To make these bed sheets, long strand bamboo is stretched across the entire length of the sheet, which ensures that no rough thread ends are woven throughout the fabric. This makes bamboo one of the softest, smoothest, and most luxurious materials in the world.

    In addition to being luxurious, these sheets are practical as well. Everyone could use a new set of sheets and these will last for years. In fact, bamboo bed sheets won’t ever pill or tear like traditional sheets. Additionally, they look newer longer because bamboo doesn’t discolor over time. Even if you buy a set of white bamboo sheets, they won’t ever yellow or gray. All of these advantages make organic bamboo bed sheets the perfect present for this holiday season.

    Are you still debating whether bamboo sheets are the right gift to give this year? Then read The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Bed Sheets to discover more about the benefits of this organic bedding.

    1. Natural Body Lotions

    Next on our list of the best organic gifts is natural body lotion. Body lotion and skin care products are an easy and simple present that any lady in your life will love. Whether you’re shopping for your wife, sister, or daughter, natural body lotions are an excellent choice.

    In particular, these lotions are a fantastic gift for those with sensitive skin. Since this product contains only natural ingredients, it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that could irritate the skin. After all, one of the main purposes of body lotion is to soothe and hydrate skin, not irritate it with chemicals.

    Natural body lotion is also easy to find. Many companies offer natural products and some even specialize in it. For instance, the majority of Burt’s Bees products are 99-100% natural and they are working every day to eliminate that last 1%. You can find Burt’s Bees body lotion and other natural lotions in almost any Walmart or Target.

    1. Bonsai Tree

    Last on our list is a bonsai tree. A bonsai tree is a unique and memorable gift that is fantastic for your friends with a green thumb. They’ll love the challenge of cultivating and pruning this tree, testing their skill as horticulturists.

    By giving them a bonsai tree, you aren’t just giving your friends a potted plant to care for. You’re really giving them the chance for peace and contemplation. As they care for their new bonsai tree, your family and friends can escape from their busy lives and just focus on the moment. What better present could you give your loved ones than peace and relaxation in this hectic world?

    While bamboo sheets, natural body lotions, and bonsai trees are our top three gift ideas this holiday season, what other amazing organic gift ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Why Organic Bedding is Worth It

    “I want to pollute the earth as much as possible,” said no one ever.

    No one wants to intentionally destroy this beautiful world we live in. We see nature as something awe-inspiring, something that needs to be protected. We want to enjoy the sweet scent of a rose or the magnificent view from a mountain top, which is why we all want to take care of the earth.

    Since we all want to protect the environment, everyone loves the idea of organic products. Buying organic is an easy way to do our part and live a greener life because there’s an organic option for almost everything! There’s organic food, organic clothes, and even organic bedding. Continue reading

  • Why Choose Organic Bedding?

    Organic and all-natural items have become increasingly popular over the past few years. There’s everything from organic food to organic clothes and bedding. Yet, what exactly does it mean for something to be organic? Why should you choose organic products, such as organic bamboo bedding, over traditional merchandise? Continue reading

  • The Ultimate Guide to Organic Bedding

    Have you heard a lot of chatter about organic bedding, but aren’t sure what is true and what is just hype? This ultimate guide explains everything you need to know about this bedding so that you can determine what’s fact and what’s fiction. Continue reading

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