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A good night’s sleep is vital to our mental, emotional and physical health, just like a healthy diet or exercise routine. Lack of sleep can put us at threat of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, hallucination, breathing and sinus problems, workplace accidents, memory loss, depression, higher stress, over-all fatigue and many other health troubles. What could be the major cause of allergies or a disrupted sleep at night? It is microbes like bacteria and fungus!

Our bed sheets are certainly one place where we do not want bacteria looming, but do you know that a better sleep can be as effortless as sleeping on a bamboo bedding. Organic anti microbial bedding has contributed a lot in enhancing the quality of life by improving the quality of sleep. The natural antimicrobial properties of bamboo & silk and elegance that Cozy Earth has pioneered has resulted in the antimicrobial and hypoallergenic bedding collection that is resistant to bed bugs and other irritants that make sleeping a challenging experience for many.